Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh How They Grow...

The girls just keep amazing me...Tatum is approaching that magic number 18m. Everyday it is something new....I think we even have her first real word to date...Not mommy or Daddy although she has been doing that dadadadadad thing for a while I am not counting that.....so anyway the first real word is Em Ma.....it is so cute and Emma is super excited. I think that she actually started waving this weekend too...It just amazes me to watch her doing so well, I love it!

Emma is just to funny for words lately...we changed her earring's yesterday it actually took my friend Carol and I to hold her down to change the darn things...she was dead set on wearing two different earring's she actually stayed home from the pool on Sat. because of it. I guess she would have loved the 80's...Emma ending up very happy with the new earring's and thankfully they both match. She has become very into her doll and doll clothes...Oh she is such a Diva.... This is a photo of Emma and her doll Emme, too cute.

Today was a great pool day the weather was great and the girls were both really good. Emma is getting better and better at swimming by herself if you could only remember or listen to everyone yelling kick, kick, kick...one of these day's she is just going to surprise us... I feel like I barley see Tatum while we are at the pool, she hangs with the big girls all day and just loves it.

Emma is going to vacation bible school for the first time ever this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she enjoys it. One of my friends is a director so I know she'll know some kids;Emma has a very shy side so this should be good for her... I let you all know ;)

I wanted to share a funny Tatum trick... Have a good Monday...Please remember to say a prayer for Ella, it is a big day for her...I'll keep you posted.

Keep Ella in your prayers, Tomorrow is the big day...


Katie said...

Oh that 'jump'is too cute!
Gosh they do grow up so fast dont they...
You have two gorgeous girls their Lisa, im glad they are doing so well!

Heather said...

Great pictures. They are the cutest kids. Tatum's growing up. Next she'll be running from you! :)
hope Ella is okay. Keep us posted love ya! Heather

Nicole said...

How fun, your pool looks so great! Oh when you talk about your girls, how I wish we were closer. Tatum and Emerson sound like two peas in a pod. They would be so cute together. Emerson and I are doing the same "down" and "up" game except in the bathtub. She loves the splash when she comes down.

I'm happy to hear that you guys are doing so well. The whole Tatum climbing stairs still amazes me. I had Brian watch the video and he was like "whoa!". Pretty cool!

Teresa & Shawn said...

Tatum is too cute!

Emma has a shy side???

Kerry said...

Tatum is so cute in the video! I love her little bikini :)

Um, I echo Teresa - a shy side to Emma???? Are you telling us YOU have a shy side too ?? haha

Aspen said...

After watching this video last week, I remembered how precious she is. I miss her terribly!

She is doing so well. So proud of you both!