Monday, January 14, 2008

"Just Another Manic Monday"...

...Not really, but I so did not want to get out of bed this morning.

I think it is the rain that is killing me! I am so ready to get up and start running in the morning but the weather is just not working with me. If I am going to start running again I can't start on a nasty morning not that dedicated , hopefully I'll get there but not yet. The plan for now is Chris and I alternate mornings, it sounds good we just have to see how it pans out. As you can see in a totally different life we were quite the athletes. Chris way better then me....These are pictures from the 2nd iron man that he did. I have very few pictures from races I did since we were both doing them together, I was a spectator at this IM(Lake Placid). I never did a iron man with him but I did a 1/2 IM and other races. For now all I want is to run again and I'll be happy. Hopefully it well give me lots of energy, and if my kids keep boycotting sleep they are going to run too HA-HA.

It is nothing for Tatum to scream for a good hour every night and my goodness is she clingy to Mommy these days I just don't get it. She has issues sleeping at night but has no problem taking a two hour nap in a bowling alley, does that even make sense?

Honestly I am sure I'll regret saying this someday because once she starts I know she won't stop, but I just want her to talk already. I do not think asking for a Mama is really to much do you. OK enough poor me!!!

We are postponing our KY trip until early spring, hopefully we well have the money to go then right now I do not even have enough to pretend like we can afford it LOL. Besides who knows by then she could be talking more, I think maybe a new speech teacher is in order....Amy K says I should just hold tight till she really gets the walking thing, she may not be up for multi tasking right yet...who knows, crazy kids :)

Hmmmm maybe lunch well wake me up today ....


Every minute counts.... said...

Amy's right...the multi-tasking thing is what gets them...ome major thing at a time...

Don't worry once she starts talking you'll get the "fine!" and foot stomping out of the room too. See what you get to look forward to?...maybe talking is overrated!

And running...man I wish i could do that..okay I wish i wanted to do that!


Nicole said...

Okay, okay, I totally thought you were my twin in Maryland until I read that you did a half IM!! That is insane and very cool at the same time. I took the dog for a walk last week and decided to jog a bit, let's just say I stopped after about 20ft. Not very impressive I know.

Our children on the other hand, Miss Emerson and Miss Tatum, could be twins. I am waiting very impatiently for Emerson to talk as well. Very limited. She signs a whole lot more than she talks. Once in awhile, I'll hear a word as clear as day, then never again.

As for your comment on Emerson's hair, I know the child is only 1, but I do use product in her hair. I had a huge liter of Paul Mitchell Leave-in-conditioner from years ago that I never used. I now use it for her. I can't even describe how curly her hair is. Just know that all the pictures I usually post are from some type of occassion so I actually spent time on her hair. Most days it just out of control! Have a great week Lisa!

Katie said...

LOL @ Noel - yeah i wish i wanted to run too... i cant run to the letterbox without getting puffed!
I admire you Lisa!
Tate will talk, i remember just wanting it to happen so bad and eventually it did and hasn't stopped for a breath since!
(is it me or is this word verification thingy getting longer?)

Heather said...

Wow! You've inspired me Lisa! I have made up my mind to get back in my original shape this year! I'm ready!!!!! but I hate running! Walking is good though.
As far as Tatum talking, i think Amy is right on the money. Caleb would concentrate on one thing at a time and only one thing until it was mastered, then on to the next!

Kerry said...

Tom says to not give her too much food and she will go to sleep for ya ;) LOL

I amimpressed with the running thing... I wish I could do it but I just can't get into it. I'm just trying to use my Y membership.

Laura said...

I agree with everyone else, I am impressed with your motivation!
Running is not my favorite, but I've been putting in a daily 10 mile walk on the treadmill at the gym.....it's a great stress relief!

Michaela didn't really talk until she was 3, she didn't even say Mama until she was 2 1/2---now she won't shut up! We had a snow day yesterday and she did nothing but talk.....she knew I had no escape. I even went out to shovel so I could get some peace & quiet, she got herself completely dressed in all the snow gear so she could come out & talk to me.......and she has the nerve to ask for a pink cell phone....no freaking way!

Amy said...

Yeah, don't freak out...yet. Just kidding. I admire you for at least htinking of running, that is pretty darn good(:

Tara said...

I don't blame you a bit for wanting her to talk. It made life so much easier when I finally was able to get a few words out of Payton's mouth. And, sometimes I still get teary-eyed when I hear her say "mama". Music to the ears...especially when you've waited so long to hear it. And-it's so nice to know when they're crying, why they're crying. I loved it when Payton could actually tell me her ear hurt. I hope words come soon for you all.