Monday, January 21, 2008


I know I know if you were to ask the President if we are in a recession he'll tell you "no" but I would imagine that is because it is not effecting him directly.... Where I live and in my business it is killing everyone. I guess it is something most people go through at one point or another during there lifetime so I do not know why I thought it would never effect me....Let me tell you all it SUCKS!

This is just a total vent post just because...
...I hate that my kids can not do extra activities or go anyplace over the weekend, I hate that Tatum is not going to have a party for her 2 Birthday (which by the way is in 3 weeks), I hate that Emma has to choose who she wants to go see Disney on Ice with since we can not afford for the entire family to go and worse then that I hate that she picked Chris...LOL

The worst part is the strain that financial crap put on relationships....I guess you do learn one thing from it and that is how not worth it is to live above your means. Hopefully by summer we can have it mostly worked out so that maybe we can leave the neighborhood. On the plus side there is tons to do in the hood so it won't be so bad, and beside once I sell my car who wants to go anywhere crammed in a 2 door civic.....Oh well such is life I guess, it well be nice not to have a car payment just have to keep our fingers crossed that our little civic well run forever it already has 150k on the original clutch, hehehe.

I guess we'll all look pretty cute sporting around in my little red car....who needs four doors anyway :) Just bigger incentive to perfect that walk to the pool.

OK, I am done complaining and now that I am laughing at myself I feel much better. Happy Monday :)


Katie said...

Financial pressure is so huge - they say who cares about money if only you have your family - but at least having enough to live a comfortable life certainly helps!
Tate wont remember anyways - all they care about at two is the cake!
+ red cars go faster!

Every minute counts.... said...

We have skipped the new car here. One income and four kids makes you rethink alot about what you can live without. I personally love my little car, the gas milage is great...mine's red too!!
We are seriously thinking about moving ourselves...only prob we have to sell our house in a market that is perfect if you are buying without having to sell first!!

I agree with Katie, Tate won't remember anyway as long as she is the center of attention who cares how many people are there!


Penny said...

If there's one thing my children have taught me, it's that money does not matter.I know, it helps, but at the end of the day, I thank God for my kids, not for my car.


Julie said...

I hear you. The only reason the girls and I went to see a movie a few weeks ago is because someone got us a gift book for Christmas. We only have one vehicle right now besides Scott's work truck which is "supposed " to be only for work. If I went to work though we would have to pay for daycare so what is the point. Thank God for income tax!!! We tried for SSI for Noah. What a joke. Noah therapists were infuriated stating they know kids with "less" of a diagnosis who get it. Oh well God keeps us going even if by a thread.

Heather said...

Hey! I know!
I am driving a truck right now, which I hate! We got it 2 yrs. ago for Chuck to drive back and forth to work. Plus for vacation, like we've ever done that! Maybe this summer. (I say that every year) Who can afford it though.
I'm with Julie here! Chuck makes enough for us to get by and still have a tiny bit of fun! If I went to work I would only be able to get a low paying job, have to pay sitters, and then the money would be gone! What's the point? Neither me nor Chuck came from priveleged families and couldn't afford college.
I have realized over the last 12 yrs. of being in varying levels of 'poverty' that it isn't the money that matters. You need to learn how to have fun together without spending a penny! Your kids are only little once and you only get one chance, and I gaurantee that when they look back on their childhood their happiest memories will not involve money at all. We tried for SSI just recently so we could start a savings for Caleb! HA! I didn't know it was based on income. It is a joke, except I'm not laughing!
I like your red car! Better gas mileage!!!!

Tara said...

I find finances so stressful - especially right now. Hang in there.....I really really wish they could do something about the gas prices!!!!!

Amy said...

Ditto. Vote for Hillary!

Ava Jewel Leilana said...

Lisa don't worry about a party, one they don't remember. For Ava's birthday it was just us, we watched Happy Feet, danced, Ava had her favorite Pizza and we had some cake. Ava had a great time and so will Tatum cause she is going to be surrounded with people who love her and vice versa. Don't you just love how something as simple as venting can in the end make you laugh :) I'm glad your happy now.

Anonymous said...

No party? I was coming here to see if you had plans for Tatum's 2nd bday.

We need to get the girls together soon!