Friday, July 04, 2008

27lbs WOW

That is Tatum's current weight, I guess someone likes the food I make LOL...ANYWAY...

Well it has been a while the last week of the month work this was a killer. It is so nutty to me how the market can suck the way it does and work has not slowed down. One major contributor to this is we have the same less people now and with all the program changes it is almost like doing something new everyday, not to mention the new thinking outside the box thing ahhhh thanks goodness I ended the week with vacation.
Friday night after I got home we headed up to some friends I have from college that live outside Charlottesville. We got there pretty late on Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. On Saturday Kee and I took the kids to the pool and her Husband who I also went to college with, and Chris went fishing. If I had to guess the boys had a great time since Chris mentioned that it was better then Disneyland, LOL .
Sunday we headed up to Massanutten to meet my Dad and Bonnie. We stayed up there with them until late Tuesday afternoon then headed home. Tatum had a sedated echo at Hopkins this morning. Massanutten was a lot of fun the weather was not all that great but that did not bother Emma at all she was purely interested in the water park and lucky for her my Dad is a water park fanatic. I could not believe the slides that she was riding the child is fearless. Tatum and I stuck to the lazy river, but I have to admit she is fearless to and falling in pools does not seem to phase her at all...

OK so news from Hopkins:
Dr. Brenner told me that Tatum’s blood pressure is not nearly as worrisome as it was this time last yr but defiantly not normal, I figure I’ll take that news any day. Her sleeping BP was 119/64 in her arm and 98/53 in her leg....her top numbers are our major concern a typical BP for her age weight should be around 80/50-60...her active BP ( I was actually amazed the nurse got it, she was AWESOME) when we arrived was 129/62. This was a bit more concerning but the Dr. feels that meds are not going to solve the issue so we are still not going to bother with them. Her ventricle walls are becoming a little thick but still functioning normal so again we are leaving well enough alone. Her aortic valve is functioning normal and she has a mild SVSD that is a "none issue but a bit interesting"... This is the first time that the Doc had actually gotten to see her calm an not moving a mile a min so he was attributing that to the pheneral pluses sounding normal for once...Wow nothing like a little versed to knock a kid out. I wonder if they sell that stuff over the counter HAHA....
I was please d in all with the visit but I have to tell you I am exhausted, I think I need a Lisa day soon to bad I do not see that happening :) Oh well tomorrow I am hitting the pool with the kids and I can not wait!!!
Happy Fourth .....I have a ton of pics to downloand soon I promise :)


Katie said...

Busy Busy! :)
Glad to hear the echo went well and madam is certainly growing well!
Take care,

Julie said...

Glad the echo went well. I am telling you she is Lexi clone. Lexi was a moose. We called her legs ham hocks.:) I have to tell you Lisa after talking with you at the outing that I am proud to know you. I didn't realize how severe Tate's heart issues were. You are a tower of strength. You and the other moms give me strength everyday. Thank you.

Heather said...

Glad to hear that the heart is still looking good! Hope you find some you time soon! 27lbs!!!! holy smokes! Cale wasn't 27 lbs till he was like 5 or 6! seriously! :)

Tara said...

So glad the echo went well. So glad Tatum loves your food - that's fantastic....27 lbs!!! Woohoo!!!