Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Everyday Stuff...

I am really trying to get back into the habit of posting I have decided I just need to make the time for it. There are so many days where the post I want to put up runs through my head and I just do not find the time to get there. So I guess this is my July resolution, LOL.

Today Tatum started with a new OT they were supposed to be at daycare at 8:30, her old OT Ingrid had a baby boy a few weeks ago man well we miss her she was AWESOME!! At this point with Tatum my biggest concern is her speech. I was really noticing acceleration in her speech development but now it seems to have leveled off again. I do not think that is a very good thing it is certainly the area that makes her way behind other kids her age. She pretty much has a 5 word vocabulary she has her staple words “Hi”, “Mama”, “Emma”, “Eat”, and “I Love You” and I am counting I love you because we all know that is what she is trying to say. Lately she has started to blow kisses and if she sneezes and you tell her “God Bless You” she’ll continues to fake sneeze. Oh yes her other big word trick is if you say Zo to her she’ll finish the word with eeeeeeee…this is how she say’s Zoe.

I think the biggest problem with the speech is that I do not feel she clicks with her ST and I am learning that this is an important thing. A friend of mine was working with her privately towards the end of the school year and that was when we noticed a big change but since she has stopped nothing. I am thinking about finding private speech, once a week for 30-40 mins is not cutting it especially when my perfectly normal niece that lives in Baltimore receives more ST then Tatum does, I am not bitter at all, LOL.

News on the Emma front:

I was wondering do 5 year olds every stop being dramatic Emma is driving us nuts! Everything is a argument with that child, the craziest thing is she’ll cry over nothing get all privilege’s and toys taken from her and still have a fit as if we are going to give in. I have never met such a hardheaded child in my life, I guess I can be thankful that she is not disrespectful and when we are not around she is very well behaved. I do need to give her some credit she is getting better but god forbid she is tired…crabbbby…maybe she well finally start going to bed for us.

She did ask for a pet this morning I was preparing myself to tell her no way but she only wants a fish since her old fish died. This is the best part she wants to name her new fish Sneaker…she does make me laugh I have to give that to her.


Julie said...

Lisa you should request a new ST, I did. Noah really isn't saying that much more than her. I mean he repeats alot but stuff he says on his own is limited. He has a preference to names. EVERYDAY, ALLDAY, he goes through all of our names and, have I mentioned that I am rarely mommy and usually Julie or Lulie. They will get it. It is just taking them longer. As for the girl drama sit back it is a VERY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG and bumpy ride. I have noticed Grace gets better as she gets older and the meltdowns are usually when, you guessed it, she is exhausted. Hang in there you only have 15 more years.:)

Heather said...

Gosh Lisa, I don't know. I don't think Tate is really that far behind a normal kid with WS. Maybe a normal regular kid without WS, but I just don't think she is for WS. I keep telling you that Caleb didn't talk until well after he was Tatum's age. We thought he would never talk. Seriously. I agree though, you can't have too much speech therapy. Names were first for Caleb too. Oh yeah! Drama from a 5 yr.old. Totally normal. When they are tired, watch out. Come to think of it. WHen I'm tired, I get pretty grumpy too. :)

Ava's Grandma Kim said...

I agree with Julie. Maybe you just need a new ST. Also, Heather has a good point. Tate sounds pretty typical for WS. Ava really struggles with speech, too.

I've missed you! It's been nice to read your last posts.

Tes said...

Yes, get a new ST, nip it in the bud.

So did you survive the week of daycare? I always manage to get my crap together by about Wednesday:)