Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Friday.....



I think this is the best Friday in a while. Although I got not a ton of sleep at the hospital last night...Got to love the peds floor no one sleeps... I did get more then the people on the other side of my room. But anyway...

Tatum is a true rock star, she went through her cath like a trooper. We learned that it would be a while and maybe never that she would need heart surgery.Tatum did end up having angioplasty....It seems that she is not able to have surgery because she has so many little problems going on in there. Her Cardiologist feels that a stint is not a good idea because although it would help in the immediate it would cause problems in the long run and cause further open heart surgery. They are planning to do chronic caths with a lot of ballooning. She has about 12in of her descending aorta that is about 4mm wide this is way smaller then it should be. Her pulmonary arteries are about 1mm they uses a 4 mm balloon yesterday to help the pressure in the right side of her heart. If you ask me this worked GREAT! I do not think I brought the same child home. It is just amazing the noticeable difference in her she must be feeling good. She has slept less ate more and been so much more alert all day I even saw a little smile. Needless to say Tatum must be feeling a lot better.

I am not real sure how I feel about chronic caths but if they make her feel this good then I know something is wrong and this seems to be the way to fix it right now. I just hope everything grows like the Dr.'s are hoping.

This first year sounds like it may be pretty tough,in and out of the hospital quit a bit. The heart cath certianly showed me a very important thing, I can handel this and more. I have my best friend by my side for all of it, thanks Chris you are a great Dad and husband....

It has taken four months, I am starting to finally see the joy and love for life that is so apparent in Emma shining through in little Tatum. She is such a beautiful blessing and a great addition to our family. I can not wait for everyone to meet her.

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Aspen said...

What a beautiful post! I am so glad that she is feeling better and that you are feeling better. You will survive this and come out on the other end a much stronger woman! With two beautiful and precious angels.

I am so glad to finally be home! Out east is such a long drive. ;-)