Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lucky 13...

This morning started out no so great… Chris and I had an argument and he left for work. After that I finished getting the girls dressed and we headed out. Tatum had at doctors apt at 9:30 my plan was to drop Emma off and Daycare hit Starbucks and on to the Dr. This planned Changed a bit since Emma decided that she wanted to go with Tatum and I. So I hit Starbucks for Mom and Burger King for Em. Not going to daycare meant I had to feed her breakfast, what fun.

After our stops we continued on to the doctor. We pulled in the parking lot and Tatum was asleep, we ran in the pharmacy so Emma could go potty then left. On the path to the Dr office Tatum woke up. As Emma bent over to give her a kiss she spilled her entire jug of Milk inside Tatum’s car seat great eh. We went inside. I changed Tatum into a clean Diaper and no clothes since all her clothes and extra onesie were wet and we waited. And waited…I was beginning to wonder how much worse my morning was going to get. Finally after everyone in the waiting (that came in after us) had been called we were alone. I got up and asked the nurse how much longer… Finally she brought us to the exam rooms… all that was going through my mind was something bad was going to happen just to cap off the morning…

I was pleasantly surprised…. Tatum weighs 13.6 that’s over an lb of weight gain in a little less then a month. She grew 2in in height and her head circumference grew too. The Doctor was so happy with how she was doing. Chris and I are too she looks terrific and she is eating two meals a day. The Doctor said we could start three whenever she is ready. Maybe while we are on vacation I can get her on a three meal a day schedule.

Hopefully I can make I through the rest of my day drama free, although I am in a foul mood. This was the seen on the way home from work yesterday… Although proud she did not pee in her car seat I could stand to make it home with out stopping.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Aspen said...

LOL That picture is hilarious! If she was only a boy, that might have been much easier. HA!

Yay for Tate! The food is really helping, good for her. Sorry it started out so crummy, but glad you at least got some good news there.

GO TATE! I miss those girls terribly.

Lisa said...

God I hate those days!!!! Great pictures. One day we were taking Kevin to the hospital to see Matthew and he had to pee so we pulled over and there was Kevin peeing on the side of a major highway. My little boy is growing up. I could so picture him doing that when he's a teenager. God help me!

Kerry said...

WOW - over a pound in less than a month?!?!?!?!?! That is so FABULOUS!!!!!! Good job Tate!!!!

Emma's gonna kill you one day for that pic... :)

Love -K

Nancy said...

Love that Murphy's Law...and the more frazzled a mom gets, the more stuff gets spilled or ruined or pooped on.

Tatum looks like she is doing so well, and it is good to hear the doc thinks so, too!

We send you all of our love. Have a wonderful weekend. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about Tatum's growth. I love answered prayer.
Love, Mom

Kati said...

Wonderful pic of Emma, but Kerry is right, she's gonna kill you a few years later :)))))))
I'm glad that everything is OK with Tatum!!!
Have a nice weekend with less anger...
Love, Kati