Sunday, September 24, 2006

Without Limits

Who says I have to put limits on my child? I could not tell you today what Emma a perfectly "normal " child is going to be doing in 15 years so why should I be able to tell you what Tatum is going to be doing. It breaks my heart in half when I hear or read things about parents with disabled children underestimating them simply because of the label their children were given. If I was asked worst case Senecio about Tatum's future a greeter at Walmart or a bagger at the Giant ( not that there is anything wrong with either job) are not even close to what pops into my head. Maybe I am being over positive and I am in for the biggest let down of my life but I expect some sort of post HS education or a trade, I do not think that is too much to ask of anyone. If it does not happen then it doesn't but I am not ready to stop encourging it.

In the current world we live in I have so many aspirations. Tatum has technology she'll grow up with that enables her to be friends with children all over the world like they live next door. My god she is going to have no idea what non digital camera is heck Emma thinks my Mom's camera is so foreign just because it's not one, she has no idea that we did not always see the photo immediately. We have come such a long way in every aspect her teeth can be perfect her eyes fixed yada yada.... Now I am babbling my point is I guess Why..... Why put limits on your kids?!

Ok I know you all must think I am a total nut job. I almost think that between this post and my last one. Really I am not loosing it I'm going to make, hopefully ;) LOL


Anonymous said...

I agree. I pushed both you and your sister so hard at times. That is what being a parent is about.
Now I work in Adult Ed. I see students everyday who parents never aspired anything for their children.

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes I get a little whiny about Ava's WS. I forget that she is so lucky to live in a world where "can't" is not acceptable!

By the way, your girls are absolutely gorgeous! I love to look at some of your old posts just so I can look at their sweet little faces!

Kerry said...

I COMPLETELY agree... all the WS kids I read about are in college, sometimes taking many, many classes. I think there are so many choices out there. Plus, we have our kids in tehrapy so much earlier than the generations before us, it will probably make a HUGE quality of life difference.

You go, girl! Keep rockin' for Tate. She is lucky to have you :)
Love -K

Kati said...

Oh, those limits! I am fighting every day with myself not to put limits on Szabi, and I have to say I am doing it better and better :) Some days I forget that Szabi has ws, I think it is the best thing I can do for myself.
Don't give up, you are not alone:))))))

Love, Kati

Lisa Reynolds said...

Limlits what for Matthew is already smarter than half the people who drive in front of me. There is hope.