Monday, February 12, 2007

Party party party...

The party went really great, thanks to everyone that helped me out with it. I was a bit stressed out on Sat. morning because I still had a lot to do. I was planning to get everything or a lot of it done while Emma was in ballet class but that three year old attitude reared it’s ugly head and dance class was the first thing to get taken away. I so love it when the kids learn a t lessons at the Mommy’s expense. I came home mid errands to drop stuff off and got mad at Chris because I though the was doing nothing but to my surprise when I got home he had hung some pictures and done the other things that I had asked...sorry Chris...:)

We really did have a good time once it all came together. Tatum was in a pretty good mood considering she has a cold kicking her butt. When people come over for parties I do not think I see Tatum or Emma for most of the day. My friend Carrie told me at one point she counted 19 kids in the toy room…WOW… and my Mom says she lost count at 47 people…I do not know how to have small parties. It is pretty funny because there are kids and adults everywhere. I wish that I had more time to visit with everyone but from the pictures I have seen it looks like Tatum made her rounds...

One thing we have to figure out is how to lock the Master Bedroom. I just gave Emma and Alex a lecture about staying out of my room (only room in the house with no lock???). I seem to find random stuff in our refrigerator or in other places when we have people over so I know the girls think they have free rein. Anyway later in the evening I ran into Emma and to my surprise she was wearing my makeup…She had gone to my room, alone she assured me, flipped over a laundry basket by the sink and did her make up…That girl is crazy!!! You would have thought that she was the one drinking Mojito's...LOL

The day was a success Pim came and everyone LOVED her, that made me feel good and the house was not so bad on Sunday morning…I think the last people left around 11-11:15…got to admit I am a bit tired today so I could really use the snow days that they are predicting…. They say that this is the big one coming, I guess well see.

Thanks everyone for making Tatum’s b-day so special and all her gifts are terrific. Opening presents became a bit of a show so I do not really know where they all came from because there were cards everywhere, I promise I’ll get thank you notes out at some point. Can you all believe are little angle is finally 1??? Mommy, Daddy and Emma love you so much little “Taterbug”…..


Kerry said...

What great pics! That is so funny about Emma doing her makeup. I'm glad you got a good pic of her :)

Lynn said...

Congrats to you all on a very successful 1st year! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Wishing you all the best for Tatum's 2nd year too!

Love the story about Emma and the makeup. Must be something about this age - Angie's showing her independence and initiative doing the same kind of stuff. So far, nothing too scary, but there's always more mess to be cleaned up!

Kati said...

What wonderful photos!!! I think you had a fantastic b-day party!!!
Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :)
Emma is a really big girl with the makeup :DDDD

Love, Kati

Aspen said...

I told Autumn that if she could make it at all...she should go. I said "That Lisa knows how to throw a party!" HA! I love the pictures and loved hearing all about it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY TATE!