Sunday, February 04, 2007

Good morning....

I feel so much better about Monday. Pim come over on Sat. and spent most of the day with us. I do not want to jinx anything but she may be to good to be true. I am not worried about Emma anymore she is going ot be fine. When Pim was leaving Emma asked why she was going because I did not go to work yet, clearly she and Emma are going to get along great.

Pim also told me how she went on line and read alot of information about teaching children with WS, impressive eh. She also loves to cook so I guess the girls are going to get a wide variety of food, at least during the week.

On a separate note I have enough formula left for today. Yesterday Morning I had to take Emma to the Dr. she is fine ...She has these coughing/asthma attack things and I end up having to Nebulize her. It is weird it only happens in the middle of the night and not very often...anyway... I asked the doctor while we were there if I could start Tatum on milk. Her respopnse was sure she is not "failure to thrive" finish up what formula you have and switch.

We regularly check her calcium levels among other things so we would notice if there was something wrong but I guess I am wondering if anyone knows a reason why I should not change over to milk. Currently Tatum eats three meals a day combo of number three baby food or soft people food, lack of teeth is killing me....anyway I am rambling Milk is it a go or what???

GO BEARS.....This is who we are cheering for today because Emma wants Uncle Geoff's team to win. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
I can't believe the girls are almost one. I know this has been quite a year for you, more then you ever expected! Your attitude has been great and I have really enjoyed reading your blog and it has seemed to help you process your feelings and help connect with others, as well.

As far as the milk- I remember when I transitioned Stella from formula to cow's milk it took awhile for her body to get used to it. I could tell by her diapers. So, I just mixed formula with milk for a few weeks and slowly decreased the formula each time. Good luck!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Ava's doctor has requested that she be on formula to 15 mos.-and then switch! I think it's easier on the tummy if you gradually introduce the milk, though. The doctor also suggested "YoBaby" yogurt. He said to try a bit of that first to see if she appears to have any problem with lactose. And the yogurt tastes great. Yep, I ate one first. I don't want my baby to be eating anything yucky! Especially at grandma's house!