Monday, February 26, 2007

Let it Snow

Yesterday it snowed for the better half of the day. It did stop for a bout 45mins before the sleet started. I was thinking that the girls were not going to want to go out in the snow so after lunch I gave the kids a bath. Welp I was wrong because as soon as we got done bathing and getting dressed Emma and Tatum noticed the snow and our neighbor outside shoveling. Since Emma wants to be on top of everything that is going on she decided that it was time to go outside. We got dressed and headed out, Emma had a blast playing with Roxie, the neighbors dog. Emma thinks that Roxie is one of her best friends, she even asks if she can go play at Roxie's house sometimes.

It started to sleet so Tatum and I came in while Chris and Emma shoveled the back. By the time they came in they were soaked but all smiles. I think they had some quality much needed Daddy/Daughter time.

Once everyone was back inside we settled down for the evening to watch the MD/ UNC College basketball game....Chris is a HUGE Terps fan. I was catching bits and pieces of the game because I had to do some other things in the house. I came downstairs close to the end and Chris was no longer rocking Tatum to sleep watching the game. Oh he wasstill watching but he had laid Tatum in the middle of a Terp rug, he said as soon as he put her there the Terps took the lead. He informed us that she could lay there and play until the end of the game. Thank god they won, and take a look where Tatum passed out. I tell ya never a dull moment in our house.

As the week pushes on it brings us to Emma's last day with Miss D. Oh how we are going to miss all of them. That place was the best Daycare ever :)


Amy K said...

Tatum, #1 good luck charm and all around cutie pie! That Em is something else as well!aster14

Nicole said...

Love the pictures Lisa!! How sweet is Tatum laying on the rug. Both your girls look so cute peeking out the window.

I also have a huge college basketball fan at home and he was majorly depressed this past week. His beloved WI Badgers lost 2 games last week and I think he has finally snapped out of his depression. :) I keep telling him not to take it so personally!! LOL

Kerry said...

You are a FUN mom! Looks like Tate is a good luck charm... good thing she wasn't hanging upside down with the blanket or Chris might have left her there :)

Teresa & Shawn said...

The photos are precious. Is that the girls in Tate's crib???

Miss 1999 said...

What precious pictures! I wish we could get some snow down here... Thanks for stopping by my blog, you're welcome there anytime :0)