Thursday, March 01, 2007

Still Cross

Today we visited the cardiologist from Children's in DC. We saw this doctor at a out patient center for EKG and a Echo. This was the first time we had seen this doctor. Tatum's eye doctor wanted her to be cleared for eye surgery not only by our cardiologist but also by their doctors. Long story short we did not get cleared. The Doctor to a look at her echo and suggested he present all this info to his colleagues. This seems to be what e everyone want to do when dealing with Tatum. I have a feeling that a MRI is going to be completed before she is cleared for eye surgery.

I half expected this to happen. As much as we would love to scratch something off the list of things to do as far as Tatum is concerned it seems like this one is not ready to leave yet. Three is a charm so I am sure next time it is scheduled we'll see it through. It really makes me cringe to think how quickly the old doctors cleared her. I feel awful that I had her seeing such an incompetent woman. Honestly I just want to walk right up to Dr. Lyndsay and pluck her in the forehead and say HELLO LADY !!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! Talk about God totally looking out for us. Who knows what that practice could have done to my daughter!!!

The Doctor we saw yesterday continually stressed to us how lucky we are to have Dr. Brenner as her Doctor. He also told us it really does not get any better then him. I was excited to have confirmed by another doctor what Chris and I were already thinking. When she is ready and everyone is comfortable we'll fix her eyes, there is no rush, we just want it do right.

On a lighter note: Uncle Lou (Duke Alum, we try not to hold it against him...) I am not sure if you read this but if you do I have a message from Chris... He wants to send you a broom cause you got swept...hehehe...Is it possible that the mighty Blue Devils may not make the ball???

LOL... This is in reference to Duke being swept by the Terps...It looks like the Terps are heading into March pretty hot...believe me I know it sounds crazy but when the Terps are playing well it makes my life much easier especially as we begin March... March Madness here we come...Wow time to get your brackets ready very soon. ...Nichole ( Emerson's Mom) I am feel your pain, if your Husband is anything like Chris I'll be secretly cheering for WI to pull it back together it is crunch time :) As long as they do not play the Terps were good.


Kerry said...

How loudly can you breathe a sigh of relief that you have the RIGHT docs now???? The pic of her is so adorable!! She looks so old now!

Nancy said...

I'm glad Tate's in good hands. What a relief that must be!

I haven't heard a thing about March Madness...well, maybe one mention earlier. Our house is so football-oriented it's sad. I do love basketball.

Every minute counts.... said...

I'm so glad you went with your "mommy" instincts the first time! Never underestamate the power of MOM!!!


Lynn said...

I think this is my favorite photo of Tatum!

So, you're all done with the daycare ... that month of transition went by quickly! Hope the last day went ok!

And ... every time I read your words about Dr. Lindsay, I get worried about my own little guy -- Tatum and Nick have totally different things going on, but your experience is enough to give me a bit of doubt. Oh, what to do?