Monday, March 19, 2007

Celebrating The Irish Heart

This past weekend was the 21st Annual Heart Ball. This is a fund- raiser for the American Heart Association that takes place in the town I grew up in. Chris and I have attended this event with My Dad in the past but not for a while now. My Dad was the Chairman this year so we all trucked over to Delaware to attend the Ball. My Dad had named Tatum his official Co-chair in the program so he wanted the girls to come for a bit. We all got dressed up and went to the Chairman’s reception this went from 6-8. Tatum went on stage with my Dad when he went up to talk and he mention how the AHA was even a more special cause now that we all have Tatum in our lives. I think everyone there could just take one look at Tatum and see how special she is, and if they did not notice it right off the bat Tatum would flash one of her joker smiles and it was all over then. The reception ended around 8 so Chris and I took the girls back to my Mom’s house so we could have a nice evening without them.

My sister and her husband had a hotel room so that was nice to have a place to escape to and get a free drink…after the reception it was a cash bar…. good think my sister and I visited the martini bar plenty before they closed the reception…Gotta love all those new Absolute flavors!!!! Anyway when we got back to the hotel we found Geoff in the hotel room watching Basketball (not to worry we have recovered from the Terp Choke and the destruction of my bracket…) another good reason to have a room. Chris stayed with Geoff while Julie and I went to look for Heather and Jamie, friends that also came with us, and find the bar. Funny we found everyone at the same place and shortly after we got our drinks we found our husbands.

The hotel look beautiful all set up for the function. There was a silent auction gambling tables and lots of fun food. For a donation you could get a storefront. My dad had the “Three Princesses Pub” equip with a very cute sign show all the princesses, names, funny how the sign was missing mine and Julie’s name, I thought we were the princess’ guess we must be queen’s now LOL.

It was a very fun evening, I saw people that I have not seen in years that is always fun and I got to hang out with Heather and Jamie whom we never see and Julie and Geoff whom we never really get to party with. I do think that it may be illegal to look as good has heather does 5m preg but I am sure I would think different if I ever looked that good preg or not, LOL.

Sunday we got up and had brunch at my Dad’s with more friends that live in town. It had been over a year since I had seen Liz, Scott and their boys. Liz also grew up with my sister and I and Scott well he’s been around forever too. They dated all through high school. There boys are adorable and Emma had a blast with them.

It was a fun and tiring weekend …very fast paced, and we re so not good at fast pace…

But…it did not end there we got home at 3:30, as we pulled up Emma got mad because it was her house and not Grammy’s but recovered quickly when she found out we were still going to Aunt Angie’s house for Ma’s b-day…After dinner and cake we finally made it home, about 8ish. I fell asleep putting Emma to bed and that is all I remember now I am at work…. whirlwind I must say…


Nancy said...

Oh wow - what a weekend! How sweet that Tatum got to be on stage with your dad.

I hope you have an awesome week!

Kerry said...

Sounds like a blast! The pics are great - the girls look adorable as well as their mother :)

That is so special about Tate being co-chair... I am sure it touched a lot of people.

Nicole said...

I am exhausted after reading that post!! You are amazing Lisa! Very sweet your dad and Tatum being co-chairs.

You all looked beautiful and sounds like you had a great time. Boy do I remember (barely) my martini days.

Aspen said...

I love the pictures. Like Nancy said, it is so precious to see your dad holding Tatum up with him. So cute!