Thursday, March 29, 2007

Serving #151

this picture has nothing to do with my post I just thought it was to pretty not to share :) Proud Mom or What...LOL

I cannot believe that March is about over!!! April, May and June is the best time of yr it is always warm and sunny and tons of beautiful flowers. I think that I am so ready for spring finally it is time to get out of the house. After Basketball that is, although my bracket is just a mess…Jumping on the local wagon…GO HOYAS!!!!!!!

Tuesday I ordered this cool carrier for Tatum…. Gretchen turned me on to it, the carrier is called the ERGO…I am psyched, I ‘m a huge fan of the carriers I even have one special for the pool. LOL...Hopefully this thing is going to be the carrier of all carriers...it goes up to 60LBS...I even saw some pictures of pretty grown kids in it... I hope Emma does not get any ideas...she is heavy!!!


With the new weather comes the new acceptance…. I realize I celebrated my 1yr mark a few weeks back (end of the month is way to busy) but this morning it seems to still be on my mind…From last yr to now I have certainly come along way, although I do not think that I was ever really a huge complainer about the hand we were dealt but I did and do still complain.
Believe me I still have up and down and very bad days but they are really few and far between Well from what I hear it gets better from this point…until school then I would think it gets a bit hard again…Kind of ironic how it was 1yr ago today that I found out about WS and this morning I decided (only after the 5 noise picking email from the same person) that I can not longer subscribe to the WSA list serve (to find out more about list see Nancy’s blog).

It has taken a yr but in that time I have found a wonderful new group of WS mommies as close as central PA or whatever the part is closest to MD and as far away as Australia and Hungary…I can not wait to visit everyone just as soon as we win the lottery…Funny how most of these ladies live in a state or country that I have never been too, and I have been to a bunch at least I always though I had.

So today I am tossing pretend Chips out for the one Yr mark…Nancy, Kerry, Ana, Kelly, Kim& Laura, Heather and everyone else coming up on that first yr of knowing…We Made It!!!! For those of you past this point I think your my Idol...not a Sanjaya type idol but a cool one ;)

I am a much happier and whole person this yr. I think that the girls are just as happy as could be we have made some tough choices but it finally seems like it is all clicking. I mean really is this a happy family or what HAHAHA.....

This is Post 151..to think I told Aspen that I would have nothing to blog about.....

I have alot going on tomorrow so have a nice weekend all ;) I get to meet GRAN Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nancy said...

I love watching all of our worlds collide and our blogs overlap now that we are getting to know and meet each other. How fun to meet Gran Z!

It's nice to know people like you on the East Coast so I can call and ask who got voted off Idol before it airs here! Ha! Thanks for the pep talk yesterday.

Love you!

Amy K said...

As I blindly venture into Avery's second year of life, what comes to mind foremost is how truly wonderful my daughter is, as are all of these little kiddos a year behind Avery. I can't help thinking I want to tell you all how AWESOME the past month has been in terms of Avery becoming her own person. So this is my gift to you on your anniversary, and for all the new mommies, the joy that I am experiencing, that is coming your way, will surely wipe away the last shreds of pain from the diagnosis. You all are truly blessed with the most amazing kids! And I am blessed to share this journey with you as well.


Nancy said...

Okay, the 5 nose picking e-mails thing just kicked in and I laughed out loud.

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Who would ever have thought we could get used to the idea of Williams Syndrome?? I am so proud of you, Lisa. You've come a long way, baby!

Teresa & Shawn said...

Happy One-year-versary, Lisa! Welcome to the "old-timers" club, girlfriend. (Since newbies are so annoying... ha ha ha.) And thank yuo for saying I am not like Sanjaya - other than the nose-picking e-mails on the WS list, he is my other hated passion. Just kick him off already! Okay, I am digressing.... love ya!!

Kerry said...

You rock Lis! Thanks for being there for one heck of a year! I know we have many more fun times to come... I promise to come talk to YOU about any nose-picking problems we have :)

What a handsome family you have there too... Love you!

Aspen said...

One year! We have officially known each other for one full year! Wow...I am so proud of you. You are a rock of strength and such a great example for me.

Love you girl!