Friday, March 09, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Today is a bit of a sad day, a friend of mine is moving to SC :(. The nice thing about people moving these days is the Internet. At least you know you'll stay in touch and it does not require effort, much like the friendship that is moving...It is not like I saw or talked to Denise everyday but I knew she was there and vice versa. We did not have to talk everyday in order to maintain a friendship, that is why it is a great one and she is a terrific friend.

Denise has been a friend of mine since before we even moved into our current house, she is Jody's neighbor. I do not think that our neighborhood would be as much fun without her and her family, I guess we'll find out. I do know for sure that football season is not going to be the same, whose garage are we going to watch the games in now...I could just go on and on with a list of fun stuff we have done over the past 4 years and 2 days (HAHA) but I may just start crying so...I know this is especially hard for Jody, she is losing not only a neighbor and great friend but pretty much the only sain person on her block. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that new neighbors are normal.

Thinking back over the years we really have had alot of fun with Steve and Denise when we are all together there is never a dull moment. Concerts, swirly's , or football at home it makes no difference there is always a good time to be had.

When Tatum was born Denise was able to be in the operating room, she is a NICU nurse. Honestly I think she was my saving grace, it was so nice to have a in and someone to explain what was happening in English. She kept telling me to get her transfered ASAP. The one day that she was off was the day Tatum was transferred out. I had to actually call her and she came to the hospital so I did not have a breakdown. Denise, Jody and Carol were all good at keeping the breakdowns to a minimum at that time. I really could go on and on but the bottom line is I am going to miss them tons.

Denise and Steve we love you and can not wait to see you again soon.

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