Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Like I Said


I really think that Tatum was yelling at Emma in the bath tube, and for good reason Emma rough houses with her all the time. This is good and bad I guess but mostly good they are bonding, right. It is really cute and Tatum does seem to enjoy it, she and Emma both laugh between screams. We have the funniest video of it but if I put it up Emma would really kill me someday.

I tell ya I really think that Emma is the one we have to worry about. She is going to turn 4 in 3m., I have no idea where all the time has gone or my baby for that matter. As she ran around this weekend playing I noticed just how grown-up she has become, even posing for pictures. At one point during the day Chris came out of the garage to find Emma on top of her playhouse. Not understanding why this didn't phase, me he told her to get down because she was going to fall. I had to tell Chris to leave her alone, she was not doing anything different then he did when he was her age. He agreed and just told her not to fall. The we both just laughed and shook our heads.
It was nice that we have finally made it to a point where we can actually enjoy both girls together. Tatum even hung out in the yard some. It is so nice to not have that two babies feeling. One baby and a sassy toddler with attitude is a little bit better, most of the time anyway. Yesterday while getting ready for work I even noticed that Tatum now watches TV...She and Emma both were entranced by good ol' Sesame Street. Some things never change.

Emma is all about helping out with everything these days, it is actually nice. It's also great because I can pretty much always understand her, sometimes I have to translate for Chris but since she never stops talking her communication skills have majorly improved. just a heads up do not say anything in front of her that you do not want repeated. CHATTY CHATTY CHATTY....both of them, I just do not know where they get this from..... LOL
I found a horse play pic...Awe if only you could see how they ended up like that..... even in the tube she is rough you can never take your eyes off them. I told you she yelled at Emma with good reason...HAHAHA


Amy K said...

I demand video! Tatum certainly can hold her own. Watch out Em, your in for trouble in the next year. Tatum is gonna learn how to take yu down. LOL.

Nancy said...

Awwww! I love to see photos of them together!

Happy anniversary, darling! I'm glad you have found the same kind of peace I seem to have stumbled upon. We don't have to like something or even really accept it to be at peace with it...we just have to let it be and enjoy life anyway. Who knew that was possible? Maybe tomorrow I will come crashing down again, but I am enjoying being happy today.

If you do feel sad at any point, remember it's almost mojito season.

The Nancenator

Kerry said...

These pics are awesome! I can't get over how old Tate looks.. her hair gets longer and curlier in each picture.

It's so great that they have each other... they will probably gang up against you, but at least they'll be doing it together! ;)

Teresa & Shawn said...

I love watching my two together as well. There is nothing like the love between siblings!

Rosemarie said...

Sisters are inseparable, at least I am with my twin (only 2 1/2 years my junior). Enjoy their special bond, and encourage it. The foundation they build now will be useful later on during life’s trails and challenges. Someday they’ll say, “You’re not only my sister but my best friend.”

The pics are great!

I'll be back soon. Stop by Growing with Julia when you can.

charmcitymama said...

I love the sister pics! So precious. No teeth yet?

Aspen said...

The girls are so precious together. Have we honestly been friends for almost a year?! Wow, I remember sending Emma that little birthday present. Awe, now she is all grown up! ;-)