Thursday, March 08, 2007

A New Home

I am finally pleased with Tatum’s Care management, for the time being anyway. The eye Doctor we meet yesterday was awesome. They have all been great eye doctors but there was something about him that I really liked. The Wilmer Eye Institute is also pretty impressive...as well as the entire hospital. This was my first trip to the actual hospital, I think it is a bit closer then Fairfax, which is nice. The drive home was a little trickier just because I am not so familiar with Baltimore so one way city streets just kill me. Thank goodness Julie (my sister) answered her phone and hooked me up with directions home. Oh how I love driving in a strange area during rush hour in the snow.

We are scheduling surgery for Tatum a third time. The Dr. wants to do it ASAP since she is already one. The surgery to fix her eyes is most effective 6-18m, since Tatum is already one we do not have a tone of time. Dr. Brenner is going to have us come in for a MRI and after that as long as all is ok we’ll finally get a go ahead. I want to fix these eyes before if causes permanent damage. It is funny how for a baby cross is cute but for a kindergartener, not so much.
The other two doctors had actually told us that the surgery would most likely require a follow-up procedure for extra tweaking. At Hopkins they do the surgery in a way that they can tweak after they are complete on the same day, pretty cool eh. I would explain but it would just get lost in translation.
Yesterday was such a relief, at least he agreed with her other two doctors. . I had been told before that this doctor does not jump to operate unless there is no other option so I totally trust him. When I asked if glasses could help he answered no. They are not going to do the trick in her case. Due to the angle of both her eyes, surgery is the only answer. Finally a set of dr.’s got something right on the first try.

Thinking back (I really need to stop thinking back) the Day Tatum was born my Friend Nichole told me to take her to Dr. Brenner after we were out of the hospital. Everything was such a whirlwind then that changing doctors was not an option for me. When I was ready to take Tatum to the Eye Doctor, Farrah, a lady I work with, told me to go see her eye doctor. I total respected both of these ladies advice and opinions but just was not where I was at the time...Funny I guess I really have come full circle. I guess that is the important thing not where we were but where we are. I think you have to go with your gut and mine just took a bit longer to come around.

So all in all the visit was good and I feel pretty calm...well as calm as possible anyway.

I do have a question for you all....

Why are all the Great Hospitals in the GHETTO!!!!


Nancy said...

You make me smile. I am glad to see you posted a very timely report of your experiences yesterday. I have been checking every 3 minutes to see if you have posted yet.

Sounds like you are in good hands, even in the ghetto!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your visit gave you hope. I hope the surgery does the trick for Tatum!

I can tell you, the easiest way in and out of that city is to go out 70, get off on 695, and find Rt 40 and follow it all the way straight to the hospital....you can do this exact thing backwards to get home too. It's a heck of alot easier than trying to screw around with 95 and 495...especially in rush hour!
Good Luck!

Kerry said...

You're right, go with your gut and you can't go wrong. Your gut is pretty good so always trust it. I have a feeling that you are only going to have good luck now with doctors... just a feeling I have in MY gut! :)
Love you!