Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I have been off work since Friday,what a much needed break. Although miss Tatum has not allowed much sleep we seemed to have made it through. It is kinda funny it seems Emma has been ending up in our room at night so we all just grab a spot, somehow by morning Tatum and I end up asleep on the couch in our bedroom. I actually found Emma Asleep on the floor next to the bed on Sat. Night. I guess night time is a on going battle for any parent for while. Just when everything is great POW a new phase starts. Well with all the lack of sleep you would think we would want naps a down time. Not the case we were a bunch of pool bums all weekend, even little Tatum. I am hoping that by the end of the summer I am going to have to brown bears that love the sun beach and pool as much as there Mom, I know Emma does so we are pulling for Tatum so far so good. :)

Monday morning early Tatum and I headed out for the cardiologist. That seems to have become our home away from home. Like usually they could not get much from the echo although Tatum for once was pretty calm. The Dr. Decided that a MRI was what they want to do next. They figured if they are going to sedate her they might as well get the most information possible out of it. We should find out sometime this week when they are scdudling the MRI. They can not get the best look at her pulmonary arteries from a echo and they are curious to see what is going on there.

The slow weight gain is also becoming a concern, although typical of WS 5 ozs in one month is not really that great of a weight gain. As far as I am concerned as long as she gains it is ok. I do not know what else more we can do, Chris and I feed her as much as she can eat, poor little thing. Although small Tatum continues to do well at her own pace that I do not think is really that far behind.

This past weekend Tatum rolled from her belly to her back continuing her month of 1st right into July. I can actually say now that she has complete head control. That is really nice.

Both Girls just seem to be doing well. Emma is getting more loving and beautiful with Everyday. This weekend she played so nicely with friends actually putting them first coming to their defense when other kids at the pool took there toys and most of all being a very big protector of her little sister. It was very cute to watch. Now if I could only teach her to not pick baby up by herself :)I have a very refreshed feeling going into this week, thank goodness it is a short one;) I said refreshed not well rested hahaha .

It should be nice our Patio is being built starting tomorrow I can not wait to see the end result.
Happy hump day everyone nice to start the work week on Wed. eh;).


Kerry said...

That's so great about the rolling over!

It's so frustrating to go to those weight checks... I would be happy to donate some of my weight to my WS son or to anyone else's for that matter! Just drop me a note! LOL. I'm with you though, as long as they gain, it's good news. Happy 4th!

Francesca said...

Hi Lisa-
Congrats and the milestone and looking forward to hearing more good stuff!
Have a wonderful weekend!