Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Very Nice Weekend

I am taking the girls to the beach on Friday for a girls weekend. I do not know who s luckier Chris because he gets a quiet weekend alone or me because it's the beach I have a great room and a babysitter coming HA. I think I deserve it. Anyway since Chris gets a ton of alone time next weekend he got tons of Tatum and Emma time this weekend.

Saturday after naps Julie brought baby Molly over. She is so cute, Emma loved having two babies around. She kept telling Julie "This is my baby (pointing at Tatum) and that (pointing to Molly)is your baby. After we all ate yummy Olive Garden carryout (the best way to go out to dinner with babies)
we tried to get a picture of the two babies together.Hurrican Emma was not so happy not being part, so Chris dropped her in... Tatum did not like that so much. It was great to see Julie and Molly. Julie looked great and Molly is getting so big...

Sunday Emma and I got up and went to the pool as soon as it opened. Yeah a pool day to ourselves!!! We meet my friend Lauren and her daughter Gabrilla. The girls had so much fun, they play great together.It was a bit weird being at the pool just with Emma, I had forgotten how easy she is. We were the envy of the Moms in the shallow in, Emma is a very independent girl and not to shabby of a swimmer. Everyone always asks how we taught her to swim so well already. The girl spent from October to May in swimming lessons. I wanted her to be fairly confident in the water before Tatum came, I guess we succeeded. I am sure it also has to do with the fact that she can touch the bottom all the way to the rope in the small end too.. Emma fell asleep on the way home from the pool and when she woke up from her nap she was surprised by "Ma" and "Granpa" ( Chris Mom and Step Father) they came and picked her up for a visit at their house. We are Emmaless until Tuesday night. You would not believe how quiet the house is.
With Emma gone Chris and I got to get Dinner together. YUM YUM CRABS I love them and Tatum slept the entire time, we could not have planned that better if we had tried.

This Morning Tatum had her OT. Wow it is amazing how much better she does without Emma around! They were very impressed with our little angel. No one can believe how much better her tone has gotten, that girl is all over the place!!! she really makes me smile how well she does when the ladies come over to work with her.
I guess this week is just going to be a emotional prep for Thursday's MRI. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.


Susan Rohde said...

Tatum is seriously the cutest little girl. I love the pictures of her. And Emma...what a doll she is. You are one lucky momma!
Have fun on your beach trip!
mom to Jaxson-3 (Williams)

p.s. I LOVED the Erma Bombeck thing. I printed it off and have read it over and over:)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see you guys. I love the picture of my grandchildren. Tatum is amazing. What a little trooper.
Love, Mom

Kerry said...

What a fun weekend! Good luck with the MRI... know she'll be in MANY prayers!