Friday, July 07, 2006


"As close as you may have been growing up together was not always easy. Sometimes it seemed there was no space or time or attention that wasn't always hers. Whether by choice or under protest,you shared,split and divided everything until it became so ingrained that, to this day you still find yourself doing something like flipping the pickle that comes with your sandwich onto her plate because, well, you always have."

We still share what we do not want on our Plates when we are together. Hum I think Emma is going to get the good side of that deal...

Being a sister is one of the greatest gifts given to me. How lucky for me that I could give that gift to Emma and Tatum. It is the best way in the world to lean about loyalty and fairness. I look at my girls and think and wonder how different the relationship they'll have, is going to differ from the one I share with Julie(my sister). I am afraid that Emma is not going to be able to have a "regular" relationship with Tatum, on the other hand she is going to only know one way, Tatum. Even though Tatum is "different" then a "normal " child a sister is a sister, the bond there is one of a kind. If the girls go on that there well be a friendship there to last a lifetime and a support system that never fails.

I know my sister and I fought when we were younger and still argue sometimes but that is the great thing about sisters you can fight with them and cry with them and confide in them and it never changes. We formed a bond without even knowing or even wanting to. If you asked us when we were younger if we were close the answer would have been "NO!". Looking back how untrue this was we have always been close. The trips we took as kids the time we spent at the beach and West Virgina every year created memories that are never replaceable. I am Glad that Julie and I have remained close and I know we always well be.

I see Emma at this young age give so much love to Tatum. She is very protective of her and always looking out for her. She call her " Sweetie" and "Little Mama" it is really very funny and so cute. We are not to sharing toys yet but you can't have everything at once. Emma is the only one that can take toys away from Tate and get away with it, in Emma's eyes anyway. The two girls have such a adventure ahead of them I hope they embrace it.

Julie recently gave birth to a little girl, baby Molly. Molly is beautiful and I could not be more happy for my sister and her husband. Funny how it seems so bitter sweet to me. I know it is going to be a little hard to watch her grow and flourish like a "normal" healthy baby does while Tatum struggles to do everything. I know it is a phase and I'll get passed but I feel like maybe I am a little entitled to have these feelings.

Julie promised me a few months ago that our girls would grow up together and always be close. I truly look forward to this, between Emma and Molly little Tatum is always going to be protected. I have a feeling that these girls are going to be more like sisters then cousins. Julie and I did not grow up with cousins close enough to visit often and on my Dad's side of the family we did not have a cousin until Maddie yes Emma and Tatum's cousin Maddie. We sure waited a while for that one, and so very worth the wait.

You know I am not even sure where I am going with this, other then what a honor it is to be a sister. Julie is a great sister I hope my girls turn out to be as good as there Aunt.

"No matter who you've become, your sister knows where you began, how it all started. She may be the only person who has the ability to recount every good, great, or stupid thing you've ever done. She understands the girl inside the grown- up woman you are today and that is no small thing."

The quotes are from a hallmark book that Julie got for me last year called, "What Sisters Share" by Jennifer Fujita.

Thanks Julie, I love you :)


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you, Chris, and the girls.
Love, Brent

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. I have always considered you and Julie my greatest joy. Thank you.
Love, Mom

Kerry said...

That is such a sweet entry and feelings I'm sure your girls will also share with each other one day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lisa,
I check this web site every day to get an update on Tatum and Emma, as well as you and Chris. I am so grateful that you have this forum to share your news, thoughts, and feelings. And you blew me away with this last post. I am so proud of you!
Aunt Josie

Teresa said...

That was so beautiful, Lisa, and a great tribute to Julie and sisters. I have two sisters (I am in the middle) and we are so close. I am happy Clare has an older brother to protect her, but I hope someday, she has a sister, too. There is no friend as great as a sister!

Aspen said...

Simply beautiful! I cherish every minute I have with my sister, I am sure Tatum and Emma will do the same. And Cousin Molly is just a bonus! ;-)