Monday, July 31, 2006

Lazy Sunday's

This was a very uneventful weekend it was much to hot to do anything even go to the pool. I did not want to take Tatum out because it was so hot on Saturday so we all just stayed inside. Emma helped to tried to help me do laundry, to bad she does not help fold yet.:)

Sunday I had to get out of the house so I would not go stir crazy. Emma and I ran down to the mall, she needed new sneakers and we wanted to go to the Disney Store. After a small spending spree at Disney we headed to Starbucks, I got my regular drink and Emma got a banana's and cream frozen drink. We sat in the food court and shared a piece of cake and drank our drinks. Emma was acting very grown up. After our snake we went to the shoe store for new sneaks...

Buying shoes with Emma was a big eye opener. First of all There is no picking shoes out for Emma atleast not if you want her to wear them. So with that being said Emma picked out her very own hot pink and white poka dot Chuck Taylor high tops, LOL...It is official there is no was that Emma is not my child.

Once Home from the mall Chris decided it was his turn to get out so Emma and Chris got ready to go to the pool. Since it was so hot I decided that it was still to hot and Tataum should not go. While Chris and Em were at the pool Tatum and I went to my friend Jody's house. She lives close to the pool so Chris and Emma could just walk to her house when they were done.

Mojitos were flowing on this hot Sunday afternoon...It was actually starting to cool off so we went outside on the porch to sip on our yummy drinks. Tatum stayed inside with all the kids. Jody's girls just love taking care and feeding Tatum.

It was so nice to visit with friends I feel like I had not been able to do that in a while. Sure I just went to the beach with a friend but this was different. It was good conversation and actually I do not think that the term Williams Syndrome came up one time. Although it seems that WS is a major factor in our lives these days I can not tell you enough how refreshing it was to enjoy a few drinks and just forget.

Jody's girls had not seen Tatum in a few weeks so to them she looked like she had gotten bigger and changed so much they were all so pleased to play with her and she seemed happy to be visiting as well. Tatum is really starting to come into her own so she is much more fun then she used to be. She actually tries to play now.

Eventually Emma and Chris came over from the pool. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched the kids perform the a music show that they made up...So funny...
They were running around in a strobe light playing recorders. Look out Hollywood her comes Emma, Fiona and Ferris!!! What rock stars these kids are.

After the concert we started to wrap things up. It was almost nine and Emma still had to have her bath. It turned out to be such a nice Sunday afternoon and very much needed.


Aspen said...

Great lazy weekend! Next weekend, however, will not be so lazy! We will be running hard and fast to see all the sights. So you better get those sneakers all broken in... we will need them.

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Reading it took me back a few years when I had those lazy days with you and Julie.

Kati said...

I'm happy that you have a wonderful sunday like this!!!! Oh, I make mohitos next monday... We'll go to have a holiday with my friends at a lake in Hungary, of course we go with Szabi! The mohito will be the first thing when we arrive, and I hope we'll have such a lazy week that you sunday!!!
bye, Kati