Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nothing Like The Beach

I must say that going to the beach seems to be great therapy for me. I think it is something in the ocean air combined with a feeling of home. Rehoboth Beach is such a special place for me. When Julie and I were little my Mom would take us there 2-3 times a week in the summer, she was a teacher so we all had the summer off. We would get up very early, we had to get there by 9am at the latest in order to park on a street with no parking meters. The 45min car ride always seemed to never end but eventually we would get there and have the best day. My Mom would sit and read her book while watching us play in the waves. It was very sweet to see my Mom doing the same thing with her Grandkids.

Although it rained alot while we were down there we still had a great time. Friday was beautiful we went down on the beach when we got there. Emma had a blast with her friends Alex and "Baby Gabrielle". Tatum, well I think it was a little to hot for her on the beach but she was certainly a trooper. When we woke up on Saturday it was raining so we went shopping. Tatum was actually great for that trip but it was much cooler and there was a great breeze.
About 3 it started to clear up and the girls wanted to go to the pool. The pool was great because it was right on the boardwalk. Emma had a blast playing in the pool with Grammy. I just can not tell you how impressed I am with Emma's swimming ability. After a while at the pool Tatum woke up from her nap and Miss Kay ( the babysitter, she is awesome) brought her down to the pool. She had fun visiting with her "Pa", my Mom's husband. They were all so cute together.
Our friends that went with us on this crazy girls weekend were making there first trip to Rehoboth and the girls first time to the ocean. I think Alex liked the pool better. I know they had a good time because they are going back as a family in Sept.
Good food, perfect hotel and ocean air ahh how great even in the rain. The one bad thing is I am exhausted even though Tatum slept till 7am Sunday morning, yes she slept all night, it was not enough. I literally think I could sleep for a week. Does that feeling ever go away???

As far as the MRI goes I STILL have not heard the. I called Friday from the beach and they said they did not know anything yet...I called today to leave my work number for them to call me. Kinda funny there are no results yet since the MRI Tech said it was available immediately in the computer system and a written report would be generated in about 8 hours... HUMMMM...Looks like I am going to have to turn into super pest. I hate doing that!! As soon as I get results from The MRI I'll post something :)


Aspen said...

Glad you had a great trip! I wanted to call you all weekend, but didn't want to bother you during your time away. Love the new pictures! Give those girls kisses from Daven and I!

Anonymous said...

We had a great time too. Love, Mom and Brent

Kerry said...

Wow, what fun!! Beaches always make me tired!!

My girlfriend who is a pedi nurse said no matter what, you need to call, call, call dr. offices. Call once an hour. Don't stop until you get your info.

I can't wait to hear the news! Hope you get it soon!