Monday, August 07, 2006

6m Well Visit

Today Chris and I meet with the pediatrician to go over a "game-plan" for how we are going to handel Tatum’s medical care during these early stages.
When I speak to other WS Mom's I notice that their pediatrician is the primary doctor in their children’s life. I was not really feeling that this was the case in our situation. I decided to see only one doctor in our practice for the time being, when my other favorite comes back from maternity leave I'll then see both. Anyway we decided that Tatum would go to the Doctor once a month opposed to the every 2-3 month schedule a "normal" infant follows, this way we can monitor her electrolytes and her growth regularly. The doctor has also said it is time to see an eye doctor. It was really nice today to finally have a doctor look for the hernia and ask if we are in the infant and toddler program, she even mentioned speech ( that is still a while off for us). I saw this particular doctor at her 2m visit but was not ready to take on this situation on as of yet, she was awesome then and I figured I would be ready soon enough. Well the time has come and I can finally admit to myself that she has some problems I need to face it and not just brush it off, I am ready...Bring it on. I only want the best and I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. The one thing that I never want someone to think is that I did not make the best medical and physical help possible available to Tatum. I cried on the way back to work in the car, finally a Doctor on our team full time that is all I ever wanted.

Tatum weighed in at a whopping 11.8 she grew 2 inches and her head gained 2 inches also. This was a 2lb and inch an increase in everything from the 4 month visit.
The doctor told me that it was right on for a normal child growth and really good for her since she has WS and heart disease. We are actually on the regular growth chart for height and maybe the next time she can make it on the chart for the rest.
They never use the WS growth charts although I have given them copies... Oh well, I think it is more fun to compare with normal children.
Her well check up seemed to go good and the Doctor as well as Chris and I are very pleased.

Today we scheduled Tatum's next Cath for Monday Aug. 28 at 9am. I have a few weeks left to prepare for that one but by now we should be old-hat at this stuff right? :)


Susan Rohde said...

Tatum is absolutely gorgeous! What an adorable picture. I am glad you are feeling comfortable with the doctor situation. We see a "team" of doctors at the Mayo Clinic once a year but on a regular basis we see our local hometown pediatrician (I am from a smalllllllll town:))
take care and try to stay cool!

Kerry said...

Our pediatrician is our main source too - she tells me when to see whoever. We do have speech for Brady once a week, right now she is working on desensitizing the mouth area and cheeks. Brady has low muscle tone - if Tatum does too you might want to think about that. Our PT was actually the one heading our Early Intervention team. She has called in speech and OT.

What a great growth she had!! Must be all those cupcakes you're feeding her. :)