Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What are you hiding behind???

I guess coming from me this post may be a shock to some. As my friend Yvonne says I am a "Fashionista". I guess this is true I love trendy clothes trinkets and anything else I can be the first to have. This is not a new habit like my Mom commented on my last post, kids made fun of me for dressing up for school but it never stopped me. I have a "fad " box at my Mom's filled with the plastic charm necklaces, those twisty strands of beads that you cliped together , swatches, Jelly bracelets ( only black) and who can forget the plastic bangles. That’s just the jewelry I am not even going to start on the shoes and clothes..HA!! Looking back now it was a good thing, I have become one of those people that can pull off almost anything and if I could get myself out of a 10-12, I bet anything. hehehe. Oh yeah another reason I can pull it off is because I do not care so much what people think. at least until recently...

I live in a area filled with beautiful trendy people with money... To bad that is not me. I am not a thin, I don't get to stay home, I have no time, and I do not have the money to even play ball with the Jones's let alone keep up with them. Don't get me wrong I did not just wake up this morning and decide that I was no longer trendy Lisa, slave to fashion, I think I just woke up thinking that there are more important things. Where it used to be Gucci it is now Gap ( except if sunglasses are involved) my purses no longer come from Nordstrom the are from knock off purse parties :) .
I guess this is a fact of life or just growing up.

People depend on me and putting myself in debt for a new hand bag and some Jimmy Choo shoes is no longer part of the game plan. I guess having a family that loves you, and real friends that you do not have to impress (they were most likely there all along) is a gate way to growing up. I have always know this but more recently it came to my attention, there is so much more to life then having every thing materialistic that you want. Wow who would have thunk it, I actually just said that.

So if you are wondering if I am never going to shop again, get real. I am who I am and I would imagine with my two little girls there is a ton of shopping for us to do and believe me I cannot wait to do it. I've just learned that Nordie Rack and TJ Maxx are places to go for high end things and me, well I am a Target, Old Navy, and Gap girl through and through . . . Unless I make to the Ralph Lauren outlet HA! You all know how I feel about POLO, and now Emma too . . . oops

I can dress my girls in whatever brand name I want but unless they have self confidence and are sure of themselves they are just going to be girls hiding behind a brand name. I am sad to say this happens way to much and at all ages. It is about who you are not what you carry on your shoulder.

This is Emma and I a few Christmas's ago in our matching outfits...Look out Chris soon enough we'll have Tatum on out side too!!! To think I wanted boys, I can not even imagine that now. Me and my girls...I love it :)


Nancy said...

"I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch."

-- Gilda Radner

Yvonne said...

Actually, I call you a "Slave to Fashion"...;)


Aspen said...

As wher you are not a Gucci girl but a Gap girl...I am not a Gap girl but a Target girl. HA!

You crack me up sista! Love you!

Micah Marshall Photography said...

PREACH IT GIRL! I can't even wash the Jones'car, much less keep up with them myself. But who wants to? I love being a stay at home mommy, but there are a lot of sacrifices we have made for that to happen. And if you remember my first post, it's not worth it anyway. But I also think that the fashion bug runs through our blood, no matter how hard we try to steer away from name brands. We are girls, that's what we are breed for...we can't help it. But, if you ever have a garage sale...please let me know in advance so I can come!!

You and your girls are adorable!! Can't wait to meet you someday, as I'm sure I will. Any friend of Aspen's is a friend of mine! And she loves you deeply!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa you make me laugh.
Love, Mom

Amy K said...

I'm a "does-it-have-an-elastic-waist band-I'm-bloated" girl. Or "wear-black-not-the-rack" kind of girl. My style is me, not a label, and I am haute couture on the inside.

Kerry said...

I'm with ya, girlfriend! I also cannot wash the Jones' car, but if it is one thing I have learned in my 30's... the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. That which looks good... usually has strings attached. I have a girlfriend who has a HUGE house... her husband is NEVER home, always at work. I have a friend who takes a BIG vaca every year, sometimes two... they put them on credit cards. I have another girlfriend who buys like you wuoldn't believe... they hardly make ends meet.

We're certainly no angels over here, but I really like my house, even though it's not huge, on a street that's not a quiet side street (which, by the way, has made Brady NOT so hypersensitive in the hearing dept. because he is used to noise!) What's most important is how you are with your family... and you are obviously a fabulous mother and wife. :)

Lisa Reynolds said...

Who are the Jones. Hehe.
I could care less where I buy stuff as long as it's comfortable.
Stylish is not me, but I don't care I have 2 boys and just like me it's jeans and t-shirts!