Sunday, August 06, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

What a whirlwind of a weekend. It was GREAT!!! Aspen and Autumn arrived Thursday after brief introductions that seemed so not needed you would have thought we all knew each other for years we all crashed. Friday was going to be the first day of a non stop weekend.
Friday after Tatum's OT we all jumped in the car and headed toward Miss D's. I drop my girls off at daycare about 5 miles from Autumn's new digs. I took Aspen and Autumn to Starbucks, one of my favorite places, (they do not have one in NM) then over to check out the place I had found for Autumn. I was so happy she liked it, I guess I did a good job fining a good place for her to live. After checking out the place we went downtown. I know I grew up not far away and now live in the area but this was actually my very first trip to the National Cathedral, what and amazing place. We lit candles for our little ones and said a prayer for everyone.

Saturday Emma and I helped Autumn and Aspen move Autumn in her place. This did not take a very long time probably because we had Emma helping us...LOL she actually did help out it was very cute. After this exhausting feat we all went home to shower and change so the ladies could go out to dinner. Chris kept the little ladies at home. We did not stay out very late because we had big plans for Sunday.

Although we are close, I think the last time I actually visited the monuments were some field trips in 5 or 6-grade. That is terrible, I mean I have been to some of the museums and the zoo just not the actual monuments. They are way more beautiful then I remember. As we walked around with the kids taking in the sites, Chris and I both decided that we would go with the girls at least once a yr. Emma seemed to really enjoy it
and Tatum was just the best little trooper around. As our day came to an end, we were all beat. We stopped to take a breather about three blocks away from the car. Then took in one last museums The natural history one. Emma is still talking about all the animals. I certainly hope Autumn and Aspen had as good of time as we did. There were spilled bottles, late starts, sticky popsicle hand, oh and I cannot forget Aspen's nice save of Emma on the escalator (I think we still need a bit more work on the moving stairs). All in all a typical Griswold I mean Ridgley family outing...LOL

It is so hard to believe that I had never actually meet Aspen before I already felt so close to her. The love I feel for not only her but the other WS Mom's that I have meet online is amazing. Nancy put it best by referring to it has a neighborhood. It is my virtual neighborhood with friends that I visit and catch up with a few times a week. I love it!!! I hope someday to meet everyone face to face I just know you are all going to be just as awesome as Aspen and her sister. I am so glad for her visit and the new friends I have made.

It is going to be nice having Autumn here all the time she is also a very incredible woman. What a brave lady to move across the country and set up shop. I love it!!!!! Emma took immediate liking to Autumn and her cat, I know she is also glad that they are now here. Emma was also loving Aspen so I know she wants her to come again just as much as me. GranZ sent the cutest bear for Emma that she has slept with every night so far. What a wonderful giving family these to girls come from. I am so thankful that Tatum brought them to me as well as the rest of you Mom's.

I am here in the DC area if anyone else wants to come. We always have the welcome sign up :)


Kerry said...

What fun!! It's amazing what's in your own backyard that you do not visit. I'm glad you were able to help Autumn... I'm sure Aspen is glad to know she's left her in very capable hands!

Teresa said...

Tatum looked like she was having a blast in those photos! Ha ha ha...

Someday we will come to D.C., too, Lisa, just wait!

Aspen said...

I miss you and your family already! I will never be able to truly thank you enough for what you have done for Autumn and I this weekend. I felt a sense of calm as I left her to work at the Capital building, knowing that she is in good hands. And only a call away from a dear friend! Thank you for that. I know it wouldn’t have been as easy to leave if you weren’t there.

I had an amazing time this weekend with you and the girls. They are simply angels! (And quite the site seeing troopers!) Someday maybe, there will be 4 or 5 WS families trekking somewhere for more site seeing.

Thanks again Lisa. You are the BEST! Love you and miss you tons.