Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...

I feel sometimes that this is what I hear all weekend long non stop. God bless you stay at home Mom's I certainly do not think I could do it. That may be the toughest job going, no joke!
I brought work home this weekend to try and get done and every time I started Emma was practical on top of me. I tried everything moving away from her finding a different work space and every place I went she was about a foot behind me. Finally I gave up and went downstairs to watch the F-1 race with Chris. Whiling watching the race Tatum finished her bottle and fell asleep laying on me. Not two seconds later Emma was also trying to lay all over me. It got so bad I had to give Chris the baby so I could lay with Emma. I spent most of the morning trying to convince her to go run errands with Chris. I even told her if she went with Daddy I would take her to the pool later... no dice she was not budging. We told her if she stayed she had to take a nap thinking that would defiantly get her out of the house but she simply said "ok". She is still sleeping now, and I finally got my work done. Tatum just hung out in her swing and watching me and smiling. Her new thing is tons of smiles, this has made the summer a bit easier to atlest see progress from her. Don't get me wrong we accomplished lots Emma is completely potty trained no pull ups ( not even at night) Tatum is moving right along, Chris started work at a new dealership and actually does not complain about it all the time and we completed our patio out back. I actually can not believe the summer is almost over. Gosh I can not wait for our vacation it is so close now. I am hopping next summer is going to be much better. Only one thing next summer "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy " may be coming from two peoples mouths...I hope anyway :) Most likely we'll end up taking the kids out when Emma wake's up she has been a really good girl all weekend long. Besides could you resist these two little charmers... NOT ME !LOL

Atleast I am going to work tomorrow a little ahead of the game. Ahh, now that I vented some I feel much better about being Mommy for the next thousand years. HA-HA


Nancy said...

What adorable pictures! How could you resist the smiles from your girls? I hear you on the stay at home thing. I stay at home but am not a full-time mommy and need my part-time gig without my little man so I can miss him and not take him for granted! It all depends on the mommy, I guess...but I am with you on what works for us!

Love you!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Your babies are beautiful! I love Tatums hair..she has more than I do! Regarding the stay-at-home thing: it is much harder than it looks! And I am not convinced that our kids suffer for our working out of the home. Mine didn't, and if they feel that they did I guess they can tell it to their therapists! :(

Take care!

Kerry said...

I stay at home for the most part and am glad we made the decision to do that - but you definitely get those days where you'd like to run off! My husband doesn't always understand that he has more time to himself because I can't even go to the bathroom alone! :) I wouldn;t trade it for a minute, however - these kids do not stay babies for long. :)

What adorable pics of Tatum! Her eyes are such a deep blue - they look like those fake contacts! She is going to be wowing people with those, that's for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

I miss those days when you and Julie used to say Mommy, Mommy Mommy. At the time I thought it would never stop. It did---all too soon. Enjoy them while they last. Love the pictures.
Love, Mom

Aspen said...

I love the new pictures. Those girls are truly angels! I miss them terribly. And YAY Emma for finally getting her big doll house! ;-)

You know I totally agree with you on the stay at home mom gig. I admire the SAHM's of the world! Some days, I wish I was one of them.


Lisa Reynolds said...

staying at home is definately harder than my last job.

There have been quite a few times where I would like to get in my car and just keep driving until I run out of gas. Sometimes even Craig says when I'm walking out the door "Your coming back right?"

I always do. I love my boys.

Kati said...

Cute pics!!! :)))))
I wish Szabi could say Mommy, mommy, mommy, although I know how I'll hate it after a time, just like you :)))

Love, Kati