Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back To School

With a new school year comes a new traffic pattern. Let me tell you the traffic over this week so far has be awful I really can not figure it out, what is wrong with people the gas pedal is still in the same place. Who knows I guess we just have to deal with it!!!

Also with school come my yearly dreams and anxieties. I have this reoccurring dream that I did not get through high school it is awful, then I wake up and remember that I graduated from College, whew! School starting also takes me back to when I was little. I went to private school a few years and then back to public. It was never fun I was made fun of for stupid thing like coming from a good family or not having a chest (yeah I was actually flat at one point). These issues would have me in tears on the way home from the bus stop and I am not over sensitive.

It breaks my heart to think about the trials that Tatum is going to face. Kids are so mean I know that much hasn't changed. I know there are good kids out there but for the most part they aren't. I know she is so little now and going to school is a ways off but I cannot help but worry about this. I wish she could just go to school with her new little friends, but I guess that is sheltering her.

Errrr.... I guess I am going to just have to add this to my list of worries, I bet I am not alone here. I can promise you one thing they'll never make fun of her because of her clothes, LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, remember that Emma and Tatum are close in age, so they'll be doing the school thing together. Children are rude and I expect Jaden to go through all that too. Just remember it is what we instill in their minds now that will carry them througout life...Erica

-Carol said...

Hey girl- Those kids are going to have to deal with the Milstead and McIlmail posse--no worries ;) She's got 6 built-in buds right there!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, when those 4th graders made fun of your nice clothes it did not stop you from wearing them and wanting more. It was not our fault that you were the best looking kid in the class.
Worring is part of being a mother. I love you.

Kerry said...

It's so ironic, things we were so upset about when we were little and now... it's like, "Whatever!" about what people said.

I know our kids may or may not be different, but I'd like to think there are enough sensitive souls out there to help them on their path.

She's such a cutie anyway so who can not help but adore her. :)