Monday, January 01, 2007

Cabin Fever

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Thanks for the good game WVU!!! Its is always nice when you get a good game and we win...Julie and Scott can breath easy...LOL ...
I hope every has a terrific 07.

I feel like I have been stuck in the house forever. We actually did manage to go to a neighbors last night for a few hours. We had a sitter come over about 10 after both girls were in bed. Emma was actually asleep by 8.

I am a little bit worried about work tomorrow but I am giving it a whirl. Chris and I both need to go tomorrow since Tatum was not permitting it last week. I just have this feeling that she is not going to make it all day at daycare. She does not have a fever but you can tell she is still not 100%. Her super runny nose, cough and the fact that all she wants to drink is apple pedilite is a dead give away. At least I know she is not getting dehydrated, but that poor bum I have never seen a diaper rash so bad in my life. I always worry that there is more going wrong in Tate then I know so I get extra worried when she is sick. I am ready for her to be better.

I also am betting that any day now we see teeth...her gums are on fire. She is chomping and every and anything she can get her hands on. Lucky for us Emma never leaves small toys on the floor. Yeah right we have tiny princess stuff all over the place...

Well we used to until today...Today I cleaned the toy room...I asked Emma to help but she really did not want any part of it. I had to explain that with this new year we are going to keep toys picked up or they are getting thrown out. After I started tossing her toys in the trash she decided it would be in her best interest to get involved in the toy room project. I have to admit it turned out pretty good. I bought this shelf thing with little bins in it from Target ,actually put it together too.We added that for more storage and I cleaned out the storage closet in the back of the room so we had a spot for big toys and chairs. She still has easy access to them so it is perfect. Chris hung a chain from the ceiling so we could hand all the stuffed animals and use the toy box for other toys. Hopefully this helps us keep that room a little more organized and avoid the absolute disaster area that it has become.

I also took down all my Christmas decorations and put them away, I guess being stuck inside is not always that bad I have had a semi productive few days. If I could channel this energy towards folding clothes I would really be in business... nah not feeling it.


Nancy said...

Yay another post! I love hearing about what you are up to.

We picked up Erik's new big boy bed today and will get it in his room once he gets up from his nap. It is nice feeling like we are starting over with a brand new year.

Love ya!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Poor Tatum! She's hurting from top to bottom:-( Do you think her diaper rash has some yeast involvement? My son had a yeast infection as a baby. I thought it was just a diaper rash at first. Terazol cream fixed him right up. Anyhow, I hope your poor little one feels better soon.


Kerry said...

Wow, when they talk about starting the new year off with a bang, you mean it! IT feels so good to look around and see what you accomplished.

I hope Tate feels better tomorrow
:( She's got to be feeling better soon!!!!

Lynn said...

Wow! You've just hit the ground running, haven't you?

Sorry about Tatum's tush. I've heard people use milk of magnesia (yes, really) when it gets bad. Diaper rash is really common during teething. Something about the saliva changing to help the teeth come through.

We have the same struggle about cleaning up toys at our place. For now the rule is, Angie can clean up or *I* can. When I clean up, I get to choose where they go. I've never worked up the nerve to throw them out, but they do go in "time out" for a week.

Nice to hear we're all dealing about as well w/ the chaos! :-)

Aspen said...

Oh My! You have already been much more productive in this new year than I. I have done nothing but sit on my giant butt! To be honest, I am sitting at the computer still in my jammies. HA!

Back to work tomorrow. Sigh. Miss you!