Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Calgon Take Me Away!!!!!

I have decided to officially admit that I am spread way to thin…Today I dropped the girls off at daycare…very early at that. Emma woke everyone up at 4:45 and would not stop talking so we all got up and got ready. They were at daycare by 7:10 LOL…

I headed to work and called the Doctors office to make an appt. for Emma, it hurts when she pees…went there at 1:30. I got back to work at 3… While I was at the doctor’s office it gave me the chance to pick up referrals for the month.

Tatum has two appointments on the 4 one at 9am with genetics, this apt was made in June, and the new Cardiologist apt. Sunday Tatum and I fly to Louisville KY to see doctors there on Monday. Monday afternoon after the apts we fly back home. On the 10 we have an eye Doctor apt downtown at Children’s and on Thursday Tate goes back to the primary Doc for a follow up and her synergist shot and 2 flu shot.

Oh yeah and incase you all are wondering I have not quit my job I am just learning to become multitasker of the year. I know it could be worse and I must sound like such a whiner but I am beat!!!

On a sad not Miss Dee had a Heart Attack on 12/22. Miss Dee is Emma’s daycare provider and has been since Emma was 6m old. I did speak to her today and she is doing much better but she is not sure that she’ll be back to work. The Doctors have told her to take it easy. I am a bit less attached to daycare with Miss Dee gone so I am thinking that it is time to really start the Nanny hunt.

If I do not get help soon I am really going to loose it. I did not even mention that Tatum still has therapy once a week and daycare is closed on the 12…my hair is coming out in clumps…is that stress related???


Nancy said...

I think this has gone way beyond Calgon. We are approaching Jack Daniels here.

Oh, Lisa, why the hell can't I live closer? I wish I could help you somehow.

Keep us updated...we love you.

Aspen said...

You have been a multitasker ever since I have known you. So, now you are just perfecting that skill. I am sorry to hear about Miss Dee. Hope she gets better quickly. I will call you sometime this week so we can seriously catch up.


uncle_dom said...

hello thanks for the blog comment and i hope you liked my blog so far i was woundering if you could add me as a friend! okay bye

Kerry said...

AGH! Well, we'll all be thinner for running around! Hopefully the craziness will end and be calm for you for awhile. Good luck :)

Amy K said...

Oh, my little poo poo, I feel so bad for you. Your life is crazy! Even though I am hundreds of miles away I am trying to think of a way to ease your stress. How bout I drop a carafe of maragaritas in the mail?