Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doing the right thing?????

Sometime I wonder if I am really doing what is best for my children. I try my best but then I second- guess, I think this is pretty common but who knows. Actually today I am more worried about Emma then Tatum. My number one question “Is a Nanny what is best for Emma?”

I know that Emma is going to LOVE staying home this summer she is going to be able to join the swim team and hit the pool everyday this is paradise for Emma. My doubt comes in because I am taking her out of a learning environment and from Miss Dee . We’ll still see Miss Dee and until summer I plan on leaving her in Daycare 2 days a week, Tue. an Wed. If she does not get into the Pre-K class I have no idea what I am going to do, I know she needs to be in a classroom setting but I am not on any pre-school waiting lists.

I have to give a month notice at Daycare I did this today. I have two interviews on Saturday the second I feel is much more promising then the first. The first lady, Pam, is about 175.00 a week more then the second lady and the second lady, America. Yep her name is America…just like Ugly Betty, hehehe... I have spoken to America’s previous employer and she is actually going to come over on Saturday with America. She is very affordable and is highly recommended, I have a great feeling about her.

This is supposed to be a good thing why am I letting it stress me out!!!!!


Kerry said...

Go with your gut- it is usually right. I hope it works with America - what a cool name!!!

Amy K said...

Change is hard because it comes with unknowns, that is why you are stressed dear friend. But I think you are doing the right thing for your family. This will give you more time and energy when you are home with the kids, and that is more important than a daycare situation for Emma.

Aspen said...

From what I have figured out, my gut feeling is usually right! It is okay to question things you do for your children. Honestly, what mom doesn't. You are doing an amazing job...Emma will love every part about it.

Lynn said...

I understand the second-guessing, Lisa. Sometimes, I still wonder if taking Angie out of daycare was the right thing. I know she misses Miss Dee and the kids and activities. It's been a year and she still talks about them. We found parttime daycare tough b/c all the other kids were there everyday and Angie didn't get the continuity. But, she LOVES preschool. Have you looked for a program? I wouldn't be surprised to find some with open spots or short wait lists. There's good and bad about all situations - it's always a balance. I definitely second Amy K's comment about the gift of you having more time, energy, patience with your family. You can't put a price on that!