Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tough Choice

We have no clue what nanny to choose, both ladies we meet this afternoon were awesome. There were good and bad things about both, Miss Pim and Miss America...
Miss Pim is about 29 very sweet and Emma just loved her.
Miss America is older speaks little English and Tatum loved her...
Pim is $50 a week more then America, Pim lives about 20m further away...
I think that Chris and I are both sorta leaning toward Pim but at the same time I think that America would do more around the house and stuff for us. The problem I see with America is the communication barrier that she is going to have with Emma. Oh what to do, any suggestions...Maybe the language thing is not such a big deal.

Another plus to America is her previous employer are friend of ours. I opened the door this afternoon to meet Deena, America's old boss, and we actually knew each other. It did take a while for us to remember why we were familiar...I had not seen her since Emma was about 6m old, we ran into each other at a biathalon. Deena's husband Steve, Chris, and Nestor used to do all their Iron man training together...Friends from a past life, the old life of a triathlete...small world eh.
Once Chris found that out he was ready to take back the nanny cam. Kidding we really do not have a cam yet but it is something right up crazy Chris' ally. I guess we have to make a decision sometime this weekend...all and any help is appreciated.
I took this picture this morning on the way to Dance class and just thought it was to cute...My little sleppy girl :) Isn't she sitting up like such a big girl now... Can you believe she turns 1 three weeks from today.


Nancy said...

I'm so glad things look like they will work out...and soon for you.

As for your stories of the nanny hunt and Miss America with ESL -- you simply can't make this &%$#@ up. I love it! They both sound like great candidates, language barriers and all. Good luck making that decision!

Still thinking lots about you. You make me smile.

Kerry said...

Since either is fine, I would go with the one whom you know more history - the one your old friend used to have. It can't hurt to know everything!

What a cute pic! She looks like she is ready for dance class, all stretched out!

Kati said...

I hope you get the better nanny!!! Where is miss america from?
Fantastic photo of Tatum!!! Love her :))))))))


Lisa R said...

Miss America is from Chilly and Pim is from Tyland (sp)

Aspen said...

Ah the Nanny cam! What a brilliant invention. Glad to hear it is all going to work out.

Oh and are we going to have a birthday party for the birthday girl?!

Miss you!