Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This was a terrific WS experience. I can’t tell you how relieved I feel and so much more at ease. I do know that we have a very long and rocky road ahead is inevitable but for know it makes me happy to know that we have done and doing all we can and she has the best care (finally) that she could possible have. I was told the “firing” was the best think that has happened to Tatum. With the severity of her heart problems she really need to been seen by specialist and those familiar with WS. CCA was not handling Tatum as a WS patient, it was also recommended that I contact the WSA and have them make a not to not recommend CCA to future Williams kids in the area.

I had the opportunity while I was in KY to meet a few WS parents and kids. The parents were all great and the kids adorable. Let me just tell you all that pictures do not do Matthew justice, he is adorable and very busy J…I also got to meet Cole, adorable, he reminded me of Daven, he actually lives in the same State as Eric…Then there was Abigail, some of you may remember hearing from her Mom on the list serve she recently had heart surgery. She is doing great and just as cute as a button…

After all Tatum’s evaluations we determined that her fine motor skills are up with an 8m old and her verbal skills are about a 6m old. It was recommended that I have her hearing and thyroid checked. We want to check the thyroid because she still has no teeth and this is a symptom of thyroid issues…thanks goodness that is she does have a problem there it can be fixed with meds. The hearing I’ll have checked but I think it is fine. I have notices that she inherited the selective hearing quality from her father.

That pretty much sums up KY…the research they do there is awesome and I really think that it is a promising place for anyone to visit, if you have the time. You can really see how much these women care and want the best for our children it is so nice to know that there is research being done.


Lynn said...

Great news, Lisa! Sounds like it was well worth the trip. That's so fantastic!

Kerry said...

YEAH!!! I was awaiting anxiously to hear what went down. I'm so glad you feel more at ease. I think when you have the right docs, which you will get now, you will feel better because you know there are others who are helping you. I know you have more dr visits this week but call me sometime.
Great news!

Anonymous said...

Again I must say how proud I am of you! You are truly an advocate for Tatum. Both Tatum and Emma are blessed to have you as their mom.
Aunt Josie

noel clayton said...

I am glad that we got a chance to meet you in KY. Tatum is SO cute. I loved being able to talk to you wish we could have spent more time. We drove straight home and made it to our beds by 3am! I understand what you mean about feeling more at ease. We feel the same way. It is overwhelming in parts but on a whole, it is just conforting to get the straight answers and know that they know what they are talking about!

Noel Clayton ( Abi's mom)