Thursday, April 19, 2007

1 down 1 to go...

Well as always yesterday was not dull at all. Tatum was a dream come true, she could eat nothing and had a very good attitude about it. Once we arrived at Hopkins parked registered and everything we waited about 5 min.…How great that was, a nice change…

We meet everyone that was going to be conducting the MRI…Dr. Spevak his Asst and the Cardiac anesthesiologist; Dr. Brenner had made sure the pediatric anesthesiologist was from cardiology. He is most likely not going to be the same one next week but he is going to instruct the others on how she is under anesthesia. I was very pleased that he was there it was very comforting and really knew what he was doing. Chris went to the back to hold Tatum while she was put under (his job, I can not do it) then we headed to the good ole hospital cafeteria for breakfast.

Once back in the waiting room I figured we had about an hour left so I ease dropped on a stupid conversation these two grown ups were having…It was so bad I had to just turn on my IPOD…They were actually blaming Monday on rap music and Imus…(shacking my head…) I could not wait for them to get up so I could tell Chris how nutty they were. Before the time for that came Dr. Spevak came out to the waiting room…way to early… Thanks goodness his first words were Tatum is fine…But the MRI machine has gone down and to get it working again it is going to need serious repairs…Great!!! We (the doctors) decided to head on down to the CT Scanner to finish up. Although that machine would not be able to tell doppler and some measurements they felt that they had enough info from the MRI pictures before it broke, her last echo, most recent cath (done in October) an the new CT images to create a pretty good baseline.

The CT Scan actually produces very good pictures; comparable to the pictures you would get from a cath. Before we headed into recovery Dr. S told us that he probably did not have anything new that we had not heard although he did say that the branch pulmonary in the lungs are still very small…I guess only the beginning section is a normal size…also the smallest part of her aorta is the SVAS. It does get a tiny bit bigger descending after the arch size but still way to small. The Doctor commented that Chris and I were funny, in a good way and that he enjoyed watching the way we process information…He commented on how we role reverse compared to the norm…he said it was not bad totally normal, and a fresh change to be around…I guess that was a complement, right, regardless we love Dr. Spevak!!

We hung out in recovery for about forty-five mins waiting for Tatum to wake up. Once she awoke and started drinking they told me I could hold her. It was all over after I picked her up…still not fussing she just started taking anything that she could get unstuck off. The nurse took that as a sing she was ready to go and began to unplug…

On the way home Chris stopped and got me a anniversary gift (6yrs on Sat) such a sweetie, and I had nothing to do with it…LOL, yeah right… Anyway we got home about 2:30 and decided to go out for a nice lunch together…we are not going to go out this weekend so we took advantage of yesterday afternoon. It was really nice to enjoy lunch and a few beers with my husband we hardly ever get to do that, actually I do not even think that I can remember the last time.

I am sure we well hear from Dr. Brenner soon regarding yesterday’s results. Now we focus on the eyes…I got my days mixed up it is set for Tuesday not Wed. oops…I just want to get it over with.


Teresa & Shawn said...

Glad to hear that Tate got through the anesthesia okay. Hope you get the results soon!

Happy Anniversary!

Kerry said...

Cool, it went good! I was going to give you a ring this AM to check in and didn;t wake up until 9:15! Yee Gawd!

I'll call you later ~

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Yay, Tatum! I am so happy that things worked out today. I think it's a good sign that her eye surgery will go well. Sounds like you have a pretty good medical team, thank God! I am a big worrier when it comes to surgery. I will be praying for baby Tate!

Every minute counts.... said...

Glad things went okay with the drs appointment!


You guys are still new at this married thing! I've got double the years plus a couple more put in!! Here's to you and Chris making it to 14 plus many more!!!!


Aspen said...

You and Tatum are troopers! What a bummer on the mri machine. Does that mean you will have to go back for yet another appointment? Yuck!

majikposhun said...

Gload to hear the day went smoothly - and hopefully you guys will have the same good luck on Tuesday! Little Tatum will be in my prayers. Happy Anniversary - hope you guys got to celebrate a little last night!