Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm a Freak!!!

So I am beginning to think that I am the biggest freak ever. This morning I called the emergency number from Tatum's surgery to ask the on-call Dr. if Tatum was being normal...I had to call twice to even get anyone...I guess no one is good in the morning...I have just gotten her to open her eyes enough to put her drops in and eat and now she is sleeping again...Is this normal?

The Dr. told us yesterday that she would be back to her old self when she woke up this morning...yeah right the only thing back to normal is her pooping and her eating...surprise surprise....Nice to know the chow hound is not starving herself right!!! She sleep pretty much all night ( in my bed) every time she woke up we would stick a bottle in her mouth and she would go right back to sleep. I have also been giving her Tylenol, i can not figure out it if is her swollen eyes that hurt or her swollen gums...her top teeth are cutting through you can see them right there just bugging her...poor girl.

I did call a friend of mine who's son has had quite a bit of eye surgery and problems and she made me feel a bit better about everything and told me specifics to look for. She said she would stop by and take a look...and actually a Dr. from Hopkins just called again to tell me she was sorry about the mix up this morning and seee how Tatum was doing now...she said it was normal unless her eyes become red and swollen and pussy...ewe...
I think Chris and I though it was not going to be so long and exhausting for all three of us...this is clearly the worst thing we have had to do to her so far and I am sure now that she is older it doesn't help much... We actually had a one of our earlier Dr.'s compare it to ear tube surgery....I am thinking that that lady never had tubes because that is a total in and out thing in by 7 out by 10 literally....I know Emma has had tubes twice... All I can say is thank God we did not do this at Shady Grove and more importantly that we have new doctors!!!


Ok I feel much better now she just woke up and she has her eyes opened and is checking out her toy....I think we are going to be OK and I feel much better about going to work now..... I actually got a smile although I could not catch it...I'll keep you all posted but now that I am done freaking I think she is going to make it.


Every minute counts.... said...

Deep breaths!!!! It will be okay. She looks great! Tired...but that's to be expected.

Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Great Job to you and Chris. I know you must be tired---you're probabily thinking rest--sleep---what's that. Tate looks sleepy but her coloring is great. What an awesome little girl she is!!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Oh, Lisa, I feel your pain. It's just awful. Ava's eyes were bloody and matted with yellowish discharge for days. Her doctor didn't prescribe drops, just Tylenol for pain. The good part is that things WILL improve drastically in a day or two. By the way, that first picture really tugged at my heartstrings! She looked so small and helpless. *Sniff*

Hope you get some rest soon.

Love, Kim

Lynn said...

Oh, wonderful news, Lisa. You guys have been preparing for this for a LONG time! Glad this big step is now behind you. Hugs to you all - and especially Tatum!

Kerry said...

:) : ) She's still cute without the crossed eyes :)

Dana said...

Glad the surgery went well...Doesn't sound surprising that Tatum is tired...she's been through a lot!

Wishing you the very best!!!

Dana and Scott

majikposhun said...

Yes you are a freak - but it's normal for her to sleep a lot - she just had surgery - all of her energy is going to healing right now. I am ecstatic to hear she's doing well!

Aspen said...

What a sigh of relief! Bless her little tiny heart, she must be wiped out from all of it. You and Chris are so awesome and strong for all that you have done for Baby Tate. She is such a joy and you guys do an amazing job with her. Congrats that this is finally over. Good for you and good for Tatum!