Sunday, April 29, 2007

Always Busy

This weekend went by so fast. The weather was awesome we hardly came in the house. The girls played outside all day Saturday at the park, they had a blast even Tatum. I wish our back yard was big enough for swings because both girls could apparently swing forever, and thanks to Zoe I did not have to push them :)
I know I am there Mom so I am bias but I just think they are the cutest things on swings ever, LOL . I think I did a good job wearing the kids out on Sat. during the day because we were all home and in bed by 10...This coming off of a crazy Friday evening...Thanks Dana LOL.

We did walk to the park on Sat. it was about a 2mile walk so I guess I got my Brady and Sophie's walk participation in...Maybe next year I can get a walk up and running for Tatum and some of the other children I have meet over the past yr.

Sunday we went to Church to see Tori's first Communion, she look beautiful in her dress. I think that the one thing I have always felt I missed out on by not being Catholic is the first Communion dress they are always just so pretty. This particular Catholic Church we went to was by far my favorite one ever. It was not your typical church it had a band and non traditional hymns...Some things were the same, Emma asked me if it was raining when the people walked by splashing the holey water. Aren't Kids a trip... After the Church we went to Angie And Joe's for some food and visiting. It was great the kids all got to run around and play and the adults got to visit. We do not always get to see Joe's ( brother in law) side of the family often so I think it is always nice when I get to visit with them. He has a terrific family.

The girls also got to see there Great Grandma...Emma was not being so cooperative so she is not in the picture....She was tired...whatever Emma...someday she is going to wonder why she is not in any pictures with her Great Grandparents and I'll just say you were tired... Grandma seemed to be doing much better so that was a good thing.

We ending our weekend with dinner at our neighbors...It was so good Tim cooked a great steak and all the kids had a blast running around. Again Emma was pretty much passed out by the time we got home....Believe me i am going to run her again tonight when I get home LOL, isn't spring and summer great!!

OH YEAH...Tatum is doing great we have a follow up apt on Thursday. I can not believe how much older she looks now with her eyes all straight. Everyday she seems to be getting better and less red...Such a relief I am hopping we can stay out of the hospital for a good 6m...I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Every minute counts.... said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!
Tate's eyes look beautiful!!!


KindKleverKidsMOM said...

WOW - Tatum's eyes look amazing - she'd is going to be a knockout just like Mamma and big sis!

Lynn said...

So glad to see Tatum recovering so quickly! She looks like a different kid! We're so happy for you guys. Hope to see you all again SOON!

Kerry said...

What great pictures! What a great mom you are, spending the whole day outside with your kids :) That's so cool they have a great grandma - you need to get a pic with all the generations together.

I'm glad Tatum's doing better - she looks older for some reason

Nicole said...

Tatum does look older!! I love the pictures of your girls, they are so dang cute!!

Aspen said...

I didn't realize until now how much Tatum looks like Emma. Really, she is beautiful! They both are.

Nancy said...

She now looks like Emma to me! It's eerie!

Just made a pina colada and am thinking of you. We need to be sitting on the porch watching the sun go down over the mountains here. Oh wellllll.

Anonymous said...

Pictures are great!!! Grandma looks like she was having fun too. Tatum eyes are remarkable.