Friday, April 13, 2007

Early Start

I would love nothing more then to be sleeping right now but that is not really Tatum idea...She has been talking loudly since about 4...Finally I had to jump in the shower and take her downstairs...Lucky for me I TIVO'ed Rumor has It last night so I have something to watch.

Ahhhh another Friday, did I mention Tatum rolled off our bed this morning...LOL she is over it now, I guess it did not bother her to much.I wish I knew how kids can function on no sleep, Oh well. As long as I keep giving her girl scout cookies we're good...her fav's are Trefoils and Samoa's...kinda funny those are mine and Chris' favorite too.

We are STILL awake...someone is going to get a great nap today, to bad it is not me. The best part of being up this early is getting to watch a movie. Rumor has It was a cute movie if you have not seen it

Tatum got this piggie rocker for her birthday and she has recently figured it out...Emma has some competition now, this is the first toy that they both want at the same time... It is adorable ;)

Emma just woke up and informed me that she did not sleep with blankie last night, she actually stopped sucking her thumb about 3 weeks ago,anyway she said "I need to get the holes that hurt in her ears..."You don't think Chris has been talking to her about ear piercing do ya...
I better get moving breakfast time :)

Kim from Infant and Toddlers is coming by at 8am to do our yearly whatever it is called..review I guess...Hard to believe that Tatum has been in there program a year now. She has certainly come along way, she was so tiny when we started with them.Now look at our big girl...

Next Wed. we have a MRI and the following Wed. eye surgery, Finally...She'll be sedated longer for the MRI then the surgery...I think that I am not going to think about this stuff until next week...Have a nice weekend everyone!!! XO


majikposhun said...

You are living my world - Lily has been up at 4:30 the past two days - WTF? Is this just a stage - or are our little Aquarians early risers (let's hope not) - I feel for ya - you'll be draggin' today! I love how you always find a positive in every situation!

Teresa & Shawn said...

The pics are so cute. I am going to miss those cross-eyes!

Nancy said...

Get some rest, Girlie!


Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Tatum is getting so big! What a cutie...but not so cute at 4:30 in the morning! Hope you got a nap today. How about if I take one for you? Aaaahhh...sweet dreams.

Kerry said...

You didn't sound too tired when Iw as chatting with you - you must have dozed off around lunchtime ;)

Have a good weekend

Aspen said...

Ah the nights of long SLEEPLESS nights. Exhausting. I don't envy you, but perhaps we can have a good phone conversation say...tomorrow 3:00 am? HA!

Love you!